Concrete mix factories recycling their greywater for use


Four out of about 90 concrete mix factories in Ulaanbaatar are recycling their greywater for further use to reduce their consumption of drinking water.
Ulaanbaatar will reportedly face a drinking water shortage by 2020, according to water authority experts, as there is no alternative water source than groundwater. To prevent the problem and limit the use of drinking water, several concrete mix factories have established greywater recycling plants and started using the recycled wastewater for washing their mixer trucks, which consumed tons of fresh drinking water before.
Greywater to make up 60 to 70 percent of daily water use

One of the four factories is Premium Concrete LLC, which operates in the 20th khoroo of Bayangol District. The company previously used four tons of drinking water for its operation. Specifically, 600 to 800 liters of water is used for washing one mixer truck. Some mixer trucks are required to be washed five times a day, depending on the company’s load.
Company officials report that they are saving 70 to 80 percent of drinking water previously used by using recycled greywater for multiple purposes.
The recycled water is used for not only washing, but also for watering the factory facilities to reduce dust.
“We established an international standard water recycling pool recently and started using the recycled greywater for our own operation,” said Premium Concrete LLC’s executive manager B.Tuvshinbat.
The greywater recycling technology cost the company 60 to 70 million MNT.

Tuul River Basin Administration urges concrete factories to recycle their greywater

The following is a brief interview with the Tuul River Basin Administration’s (TRBA) senior expert on water use management about how concrete factories use water.

Can you talk about how concrete mix factories manage their water supply?
They draw water from artesian wells, so we have sent them statements to limit their use of drinking water and start recycling their greywater. TRBA allowed them to use 50 to 100 cubic meters of groundwater per day, according to the Water Law of Mongolia.
Each factory will have to establish two to three water pools for recycling the greywater they have produced. It will benefit any company’s finances and contribute to saving drinking water.
When do you expect all factories to be using recycled grey water without dumping any water?
I can’t give an exact date yet, but we will definitely follow the saving plan in the water sector to prevent a shortage.

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