D.Erdembileg: “The Beatles were the voice of freedom in Mongolia’s recent history”

-People have been talking about the Beatles Statue which you have designed for a while. What happened to it?
-It’s one of the works I’ve planned to execute. I finished the sketch five years ago and when I started the construction work, another Beatles statue was erected near the State Department Store. I’ll definitely build my statue of the Beatles as they have been the voice of freedom in a period of closed society in Mongolia. The Beatles played a significant role in waking the youth and initiating the thirst for a democratic society among the people of Mongolia.
-Though many artists want to design and be founders of world-renowned creations, financial shortage limits their will. But you are quite lucky to have such a reliable investor.
-I’m so grateful for Kh.Battulga MP for supporting me with my first creations. People have started to buy paintings more as the living quality of many people has improved in Mongolia. This is a benefit for all artists. But for designers, nothing has improved. Designers of countries with limited manufacturers, haven’t that much work to do. When manufacturing rises, we are asked to design for them. Therefore, I’m working mainly as an architect or designer not as an artist these days. I wish that people did not just see me as only the designer of the Chinggis Khan Statue or a designer that belongs to a specific company. I’ve been doing various works until now. I’m planning to conduct a project Maidar Complex, but it will take a lot of time which will limit my own art work. Also, I’ve been asked to design apartments and urban-planning. I invent logos for organizations too, as I want make my contributions to as many things I can. This is how I can be a part of Mongolia’s development.
-Did you have any doubt whether you could design for the Chinggis Khan Statue or not?
-No, on the contrary I was very happy to receive the offer. I am a very confident and daring person. I worked on the Chinggis Khan Statue at Tsonjin Boldog very thoroughly and diligently, thinking it was a great responsibility. Time flew and after nine months our statue was built. I think that I was very inspired during those months as the work for the statue finished in a very short time.
-You are known for your Chinggis Khan Statue. What works have you done before that?
-I used to draw fine arts when I was working in the Boroldoi Studio as a director and designer. At that time people were concerned about how they would survive and therefore didn’t have money to buy paintings. So I sold my paintings cheap to make ends meet. The Mongolian Prime Minister’s Cup for Sumo Champions made me known to the people before the Chinggis Khan Statue did. A silver cup used to be given for sumo champions from Mongolia while other countries gave the champions magnificent trophies. So the competition was organized to select the finest design for a Cup to represent Mongolia and my design ‘Gurvan Tsagiin Bilgedelt Buhchuud’ (Wrestlers representing past, present and future) won the first place. Even now that cup is being given to champions of sumo.
-You have mentioned that you invent logos. You are a designer of world famous creations, yet you do such a humble thing as invent logo?
-In fact, designing a logo is an art of symbolism. Logos are widely used among people, organizations and productions. It has grown as an individual art. I have designed quite a lot of logos which are being used currently or suspended. I like the logo of the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongolian Empire Establishment, the logo of Oyu Tolgoi and the logo with a horse rider on the Mongolian map which is being used by the Democratic Party of Mongolia. They were all selected from the competitions held between the state designers. Logos for the 800th anniversary have been printed on every invitation and document sent to foreign countries from Mongolia for a whole year. One little logo may become the face of the country, representing the culture and taste of designers. So that means designing a logo brings a great responsibility for a designer. Though a logo looks tiny, it bears a complete meaning behind it. As designing logos improves the thinking and imagination of an artist, I would strongly recommend it for young artists to challenge.

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