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A small war often rises up between UB parents at this time of year. When registration for kindergartens begins, quarrels, arguments and lines outside of popular kindergartens become an ordinary occurrence, but residents and the press don’t pay much attention to it.
The kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar started registering previous year enrollees two days ago and they will register new children from August 28 to 29.
Unuudur interviewed kindergartens 19, 33 and 39 in Chingeltei District to investigate the issue.
Children of the 3rd khoroo grow up at 19th kindergarten and over 150 children are enrolled from over 700 applicants. The manager of 19th kindergarten said, “I could not bring my first son to kindergarten last year. There was no advantage from working in the khoroo. But this year, my second son is able to attend the kindergarten because I stood in line for four nights and days. We don’t have enough kindergartens, since many khoroolols and apartments have been built.”
One father noted, “My son could not enroll because he was not old enough to go to kindergarten and he stayed at home for a year. He turned two years old on September 15, 2013. But this year, my son is about to enroll in a class for three-year-olds, unfortunately there was no room. Children cannot choose their date of birth. It is wrong to violate children’s rights for a year.”
Over 150 little city residents live in the 3rd khoroo, but only 30 children were able to enroll in kindergarten this year. Managers of the 19th kindergarten explain that age difference is an issue because of space limitations.
The revised Law on Education calls for the enrollment of children who are two, three and four years-old. If even a single day is left for a child to turn two years old, enrollment is not permitted. Due to this issue, arguments start between kindergarten managers and parents.
The 33rd kindergarten welcomed us differently. Over 288 children attended the kindergarten last year. Three, four and five year-old children cannot be registered because capacity has already been met this year. Luckily, 15 children in the junior group and 20 children in the senior group can be registered this year. It was not crowded and people were registering children without any argument at kindergarten 33.
“For the last two years, we did not receive any complaints and arguments about enrolling children from other khoroos. Parents once stood in line and took bribes. We gave specific information to households, promoted the law and made parents understand. We conducted a survey, and based on its results we have started working on a new system. We gave invitations to two children who will turn two years old this year. We are solving problems by sending invitations. This system is followed only by our kindergarten,” noted the manager of the 33rd kindergarten, D.Munkh-Amgalan.
The fifth kindergarten of Chingeltei District was demolished and is being built, and the second khoroo (where 285 children live) did not have a suitable facility. The 33rd kindergarten was charged with receiving these kindergarten’s children and now they are working in shifts.
Downtown residents are capable of enrolling their children in private kindergartens, unlike many ger district families. Kindergarten 33 has focused its enrollment on children whose families need assistance.
Over 75,600 children attend 178 state-run and 250 private kindergartens. Seventy-nine percent of these children are attending state-owned kindergartens.

Source: Unuudur

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