Mongolian President gives opening speech at Forum of Northeast Asian Mayors

On Monday, Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj gave a speech at the Northeast Asian Mayor’s Forum (NAMF) held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Representatives from Mongolia, Russia, China, Japan, Korea and North Korea were in attendance.

Ts.Elbegdorj’s shared highlights from the president’s address:

Hello everyone. Organizing the NAMF in UB is a very important event. I’m expressing my gratitude to all mayors who’ve arrived and wish good luck to the forum.  There is belief that mayors define a city’s development. Therefore, mayors are leaders who have the maximum support of citizens. Even though we are facing difficulties, our cities are developing. We will detail those issues during NAMF.

Mongolia is facing some difficulties too. The most important thing is developing the city around people. The city is an important structure for serving people with their needs. Making plans and policy by thinking of citizens can lead us to the right solutions.

I see five opportunities for solving city problems. First, if we can provide proper organization of city services based on modern technological achievements, city management won’t be that difficult.

Second, we can say that city management is resident management. We have SUKH (management offices) at apartments. Households in the ger district are uniting by organizing street by street. The mayor is the head of those residents and SUKH. On the one hand, we should see the rising matters of the city as a test; on the other hand, as an opportunity. Government, the whole country and residents should see the problems facing city re-planning, transport, security and services as a chance for development. Solving city problems can be a resource for drawing investments and pushing growth. Seeing the problems as an opportunity and cooperating with the government is a chance for new solutions.

Third, we allocate budgets for residents concerns. They get together and discuss what they will do with the budget, then it’s implemented under citizen control. Residents concerns and their control are very important. When people are financially able, they try to improve their surroundings, so giving opportunities and initiatives to these people will help to solve problems.

Fourth, the crucial thing in a city’s development is the independence of the city manager. Being dependent on the residents is the right thing. Also, financial independence is important, letting certain taxes from the government go towards city development is the right decision. We are taking some steps on creating personal income tax or estate taxes for these matters.

Fifth, I think the big cities should be centers of towns. For Mongolia, it’s important to make new settlements due to the available areas for development, and to organize land and land ownership.  In order to solve the old city’s matters, building a new city can be seen as an advantage. However we have to solve the old city’s problems as well.

There is no one who knows more about facing the problems of cities than you. So by discussing these issues, we can help each other and make decisions with perspective. I think, if there are good ideas and solution, finance is always possible. NAMF is held ahead of an important event. We are preparing for the state visit of China’s President Xi Jinping and China is an important country in Northeast Asia. We are also discussing Russian President V.Putin’s visit.

Surely, there will be discussion on support from state administrators on initiatives from the forum. I hope we will have the opportunity to share views. Everything is done through mutual support and understanding. I believe that the activities and meetings of the city administrators will be held frequently.




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