Udriin Sonin newspaper spoke with Chi-nese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Mongolia Wang Xiaolong ahead of the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Has the date of President Xi Jinping’s visit been officially an-nounced? What will be the dura-tion of the visit? Though the official date hasn’t been announced, it is tentatively scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of this month. Both sides are discussing it now.The visit of a Chinese Presi-dent after 11 years has historical importance. Mongolia strongly believes that it will positively influ-ence bilateral trade and economic relations. What expectations does China have about the visit? This visit is important because President Xi Jinping is visiting again after 11 years. This is a climax of sig-nificant years of bilateral relations. Sixty-five years have passed since Mongolia and China established dip-lomatic relations. At the beginning, friendly bilateral relations was the major principle, but in the 21st cen-tury, the development of common interests became the drive for bilat-eral relations. Our countries should develop and our people live happily. Cooperation in trade and economy is important, concurrent with imple-menting people’s aspirations. Mon-golia has rich resources for mining and energy. Mongolia needs China’s huge market, sufficient finances and leading technologies. Both countries are bordering in land, so there are advantages to making logistics and road transportation. China is Mongo-lia’s major trade partner and inves-tor. Last year the trade cycle reached 6 billion USD and China invested 2.6 billion USD in Mongolia. If we can fully utilize our cooperation, we can multiply the numbers mentioned above in a short period. Can you give us more details? Firstly, we should strictly fol-low the principles of cooperation in mining, energy, infrastructure and finance. Secondly, create a pleasant environment for collaboration and make big progress. The Chinese side will support bilateral cooperation in finance, policy, human resources, and especially on policy for the pro-duction of value-added products. We need support from the Mongolian side on the legal environment, policy and social points of view. Thirdly, we need to choose a few projects and implement them in reality. We need the results of economic benefits in a short period and contribute to im-proving the quality of life for Mon-golian people. For instance, build a new railway and decrease the export price of Mongolian mining prod-ucts. Therefore, we will implement a project on gas and the proper use of Mongolian coal. Regarding this proj-ect, we will firstly provide coal gas to UB, and we hope that we can con-tribute to the quality of life for UB residents and decrease air pollution. What is the major goal of the visit? Both sides declared 2014 to be a friendly exchange year, so it’s a his-torical year for our countries. During the President’s visit we will organize Chinese cultural days. Chinese-Mongolian relations are developing. Both heads met twice in interna-tional arenas last year. The main goal of President Xi Jinping’s visit is to increase mutual understanding and develop bilateral cooperation. What kind of agreements are expected to be approved during the visit? In 2011, Mongolia and China established strategic partnership re-lations. Therefore, during his visit to China, PM N.Altankhuyag approved a plan on long and mid-term strate-gic partnership to develop bilateral relations. President Xi Jinping will verify certain documents in bilat-eral cooperation fields. Particularly, there are projects in the education, land, infrastructure, road and trans-port sectors. We hope, that as a result of the visit, we will progress in the banking and financial sector. Mongolia is preparing though for the Chinese President’s visit. How about your preparations? Thanks to the bilateral effort, preparations are successful. We have done around 80 percent of the work. We appreciate that the Mongolian side is organizing things well to meet the security of President Xi Jinping’s visit.



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