Mongolia’s first metal festival to rock at UB Palace

Mongolia’s first ever international metal festival, Noise Metal Fest 2014, is taking place at UB Palace, Ulaanbaatar, on August 23.

Mongolian metal bands Aysiin Salkhi, Nisvanis, Bulsara, Metronome, Motorway, Silent Scream, Aadar, Shugam, Purgatory and Destroyers will participate in the festival. Canadian band Mongol, which plays folk death metal, and Inner Mongolian band Nine Treasures, will take part in the festival.  Two members of Mongol arrived in Mongolia on August 11.

The following is a brief interview with members of Mongol, guitarist Thomas Quiring and solo guitarist Luke Barry.

Have you ever visited Mongolia before? How do you feel?

Luke: It’s my first visit to Mongolia. I like Mongolia. We received a very friendly welcome. I decided to come to Mongolia when we received an invitation to participate in Noise Metal Fest 2014. Thomas and I came here before the other members. We want to know about Mongolian culture.

Thomas: The land of Mongolia is so vast. I am very happy that we came to the homeland of Chinggis Khaan. We hope we can make many good memories in Mongolia.

What about the other members? When will they arrive?

Thomas: Our band has six members; drummer Kenton Barry, keyboardist Dayton Barry, bass guitarist Josh Blackburn and singer Brandon Knott.

Luke: They will come here on August 15.

Did you guys travel around the countryside?

Luke: We haven’t gone to the countryside yet. We went to Chinggis Square, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and the National Garden Park.

Thomas: Yesterday we went to Urgoo Cinema and watched a film. We are planning to go to the countryside after the other members arrive.

Why did you name your band Mongol?

Luke: Our band was established in 2009, but with a different name. We have been playing folk death metal since 2010. Then we changed the name of our band. We chose Mongol after thinking for a long time. We know about the history and conquests of Chinggis Khaan. We know about his empire. That is why we named ourselves Mongol.

How many albums have you released so far?

Luke: Our band has two albums currently. Our first album was released in 2012 and it was titled “The Altan Urag”. Our second album was released this year with the name “Chosen by Tengri”.

How did you learn about Noise Metal Fest 2014?

Thomas: I heard that this kind of festival hasn’t been organized here. The organizers of the festival decided to invite bands from abroad and contacted us. We accepted the invitation.

Why did you choose to play rock?

Thomas: Such a hard question. It is very hard to explain. Just fell in love with it.

Luke: It’s very nice to show people what I can do, and I think live music, especially rock music, can express emotions.

Will you visit Mongolia again?

Luke: Maybe. We are interested in Playtime Festival. If we have a chance to participate in Playtime, we will come back here.


Trans. by B.TUNGALAG

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