Hakuho Davaajargal wins 30th career title

Trans. by D.SERGELEN

The July tournament of Japanese professional sumo ended on July 27, with Mongolian Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Hakuho winning his 30th career title, making him the third most successful sumo wrestler in history, after Chionopuji with 31 tournament wins and Taiho with 32.
The 69th Yokozuna Hakuho beat the 70th Yokozuna Haramapuji D.Byambadorj, a fellow Mongolian, on the final day and won the tournament with 13 wins and two losses.
Yokozuna Hakuho first received the Emperor’s Cup on March 2006, and since then, he has received his 30th cup, proving his Grand Champion title. Hakuho has only three more cups to win to become the most successful sumo wrestler in history, in terms of the number of tournaments won.
Ozeki Kotoshogiku, who was leading the tournament with Hakuho, lost to Sekiwake Goido on the last day. If he had won against Goido, he would have had an additional bout with Yokozuna Hakuho himself.
On the last day of the tournament, another Mongolian Yokozuna, Kakuryu M.Anand, beat Ozeki Kisenosato and received his 11th win. Ozeki Kisenosato ended the basho with nine wins and six losses.
Mongolian sumo wrestler Terunopuji G.Gan-Erdene, who wrestles as Maegashiri, received nine victories this tournament. Egyptian wrestler Oosunaarashi, who won against the 70th and 71st Yokozunas, could not scrape 50 percent success, with seven wins and eight losses.
In the Juryo (second) division, Mongolian sumo wrestler Ichinojyoo A.Ichinnorov, who had 13 victories in the tournament, lost to Tochinoshi, who had 12 wins. The pair had to wrestle again as they both led the tournament with equal wins.
Tochinoshi once again threw down Ichinojyoo and won the Juryo division tournament. Japanese professional sumo has six division in total.
Mongolian wrestler Takanoiwa A.Baasandorj ended the Juryo division with 12 wins and three losses, Sontero D.Nyamsuren with eight wins, Asasekiryu B.Dashnyam with seven wins and Seiro A.Unubold with five wins and ten losses.


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