Kh.Oyunchimeg: Competition sharpens my skills and leads me to success

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

 In this year’s Naadam Archery Competition, over 360 archers competed to excel with their precise archery skills. The winner of the women’s archery competition was a talented archer of the World Academy of Chinggis Khaan, Kh.Oyunchimeg of Zuunmod soum of Tuv Province, a native of Dadal soum of Khentii Province. This was her fourth consecutive win. Once again, she was able to prove her excellent archery skills and advance her title of Archer of Distinguished Precision (Gots Mergen) to State Archer of Exceptional Precision (Mongol Ulsiin Garamgai Mergen).

Congratulations on becoming a four-time champion of the National Naadam Festival and gaining the title of State Archer of Exceptional Precision. How do you feel?

Thank you. I’d like to pass on greetings from the Naadam Festival to the people of Mongolia, and the locals of Tuv and Khentii provinces. I’m extremely happy about competing in the National Archery Competition of Naadam Festival and getting my fourth consecutive win.  Since the competition continues for three days, the level of motivation depends greatly on the weather. Shooting arrows requires an archer’s wisdom, as we have to adjust to natural phenomenon and the moods of the people. As the days for Naadam approached, my inner-voice constantly reminded me that I have no right to lose, and at one point, it became very stressful.

This year, sunny and rainy days alternated and made it difficult to shoot arrows, as the direction of the winds shifted. Last year’s Naadam Festival truly challenged my patience and willpower. The same applied for this year. But with faith and motivation, I was able to confirm my previous achievements and gained the State Archer of Exceptional Precision title.

Tovkh (traditional bow and arrow) archery draws a lot attention from the audience. State Archer D.Norjmaa tied with you in terms of scores and competed against you in tovkh archery. You seem like an archer who becomes calmer and more stable the stronger your opponent is.

On most occasions, I don’t get frustrated or lose my concentration. Tovkh archery is the most exciting part of archery. Many people find the wonders of many types of archery in tovkh archery. When I was shooting my last arrow, I thought to myself that I mustn’t lose. Archer D.Norjmaa is a very strong competitor of mine. She’s an experienced archer who’s been training in archery for many years. Having a strong competitor is a great opportunity to develop one’s self. My competitors sharpen my skills and lead me to success. I learn many things from them.

In the history of the National Archery Competition, there haven’t been any archers who’ve advanced to Archer of Exceptional Precision from the title of Archer of Precision. I’m happy that I was able to get four consecutive wins and become the first person to do this. However, above me is Darkhan Mergen (wise sharpshooter or marksman) Ch.Munkhtsetseg, who won six times, and Dayar Duursakh Mergen Kh.Davaajargal, who won five times.

I revere my fellow archers. Dayar Duursakh Mergen Kh.Davaajargal, State Champion Archers D.Erdenetuya and L.Tsengel, and State Archers S.Enkhtungalag and D.Tsetseg are very humble. I’m proud of their achievements and am inspired by their motivation to not disappoint others, as well as their sincerity.

Your son S.Ulziisaikhan came in third place in the men’s category and came closer to achieving a State Archer title. Can you comment on this?

My son has a daughter. Both of them are sports masters. We’re a family of national archers. At this exact moment, I’m very proud of my son. When I won, my husband was happier and more excited than I was. He’s the best supporter and encourager of mine. I was thrilled when my granddaughter won in this year’s children’s archery competition for children under the age of eight, and when my student earned the title of Usukh Ider Mergen. Archery has become the most interesting topic discussed within the family. Days we don’t mention archery are quite rare. We’re competing in this sport with the same passion and objectives.

A student’s success depends deeply on their mentor. People said that State Archer B.Batjargal warmly welcomed you when you set foot in archery sports. Is this true?

Yes, I take pride in having him as my mentor. He generously shares all of his knowledge and skills with me. In 2003, I became a student of State Archer D.Ulziibat of Bayanjargalan soum of Tuv Province, and learned the basics of archery from him. Later, when I entered competition archery, State Archers B.Batjargal, D.Tsetseg and P.Garamdorj warmly welcomed me to the archery family. Instructor B.Batjargal used to take me to competitions and make me compete in every competition without skipping a single one. Although instructor D.Ulziibat passed away, I believe that he’s happily watching over me from heaven.  As soon as I was awarded, I could feel the warm passion and energy of everyone who was supporting me. In that moment, when I heard everyone’s cheers, I was so proud of the history and culture that our ancestors passed on to us. I even achieved my long time dream of seeing the results of my dedication to the National Archery Competition.

This year, whose bow did you shoot with?

I first challenged my precision and skills in 2005’s National Naadam Festival. I’m very thankful to Sports Master Z.Baatar of Dulaankhan soum of Selenge Province. For many years, I’ve shot arrows with the bows he made, and even received the Archer of Exceptional Precision title. Z.Baatar passed away just before Naadam Festival. However, he’s still alive in my heart. I’m sure he saw me when I gained this success and got this title. I used to respect and love him as if he were my father. Each year he would encourage me and tell me to become a state archer. I was able to achieve this success without disappointing him.

How much did your husband influence you in setting foot in national archery?

My husband’s name is L.Sukhbat and he’s a sports master. My husband was the one who suggested I should learn archery, and so, we trained together. He drew me into archery and taught me how amazing archery is. We’ve trained in archery for many years. I made the decision to set foot in archery five years after my husband first suggested that we should start training in national archery since we’re Mongolians. During a trade fair of central provinces in 2003, State Archer O.Sukhbaatar of Dulaankhan soum of Selenge Province came with a bow and arrow. We bought his bow and arrows and started training.

I’m glad I became attracted to archery, motivated myself to reach the top, met great archers and received their kindness. I’m a lucky archer who got to shoot arrows with State Archer O.Sukhbaatar’s bow, learn the “recipe” of archery from State Archer D.Ulziibat, and was introduced by State Archer P.Garamdorj in my first competition. At the time, I listened to advice from state archers and believed that I could become a state archer someday. Now, thanks to their help, I was able to grab from the tip of their achievements.

There were many special occasions for archers this year. It seems that archers received a lot of courage, energy, and motivation when State Archer of Exceptional Precision (Ulsiin Garamgai Mergen) A.Tseveen was bestowed with the title of Hero of Labor.

Indeed. The people of Mongolia are proud of this person. He contributed significantly to national archery. Thanks to archery, he’s able to keep his body and mind healthy even though all of his hair is now grey. He is a famous archer who won four times at Naadam Festival and came in second eight times. With this achievement, he became the first State Archer of Exceptional Precision. His son Ts.Khuderchuluun won with 39 hits out of 40 shots during 2012’s National Naadam Festival and made many people happy by getting the same title as his father.

Lately, the government has been valuing the efforts of archers and increased the variety of titles. Mongolian national archery is the pride and heritage of our Mongolian ancestors, which we have to continue. Our ancestors passed on this great history, culture, and knowledge. We need to pass this on to future generations.

During last year’s Naadam Festival, you said you would advance your achievements and earn the title of Archer of Exceptional Precision. You were able to keep your word. This time, can you promise to win next year and earn the title Dayar Duursakh Mergen?

The archery competition has blessed me for many years. I’m sure it’ll continue to bless me in the future. Next year, I will try my best to get the title of Dayar Duursakh Mergen. I’ll work hard and put in effort to fulfill my purpose. I can’t imagine myself without archery. I will gain success through training rather than a promise.


Source: Unuudur, http://mongolnews.mn/w/53545


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