N.Adyabat: My homeland, heavens and gods have supported me

Trans. by B.Khash-Erdene

 The following is an interview with N.Adyabat, who won the state title of Nachin at this year’s Naadam National Wrestling Tournament. N.Adyabat is from Arkhangai Province’s Tariat soum and is affiliated with Bukh Bilegt Stage, Aldar Sports Committee, and Hera Holding.

You wrestled well this year and received a state title. Every wrestler hopes and strives for a state title; congratulations on your success.

Thank you. You are right. Every wrestler wants, dreams, strives for and sweats for a state title. I am very content with the title of Nachin.

When did you start your wrestling career and where?

I have been training in wrestling since I was little. I started going to wrestling clubs and programs when I was in fourth and fifth grade. The physical education teacher of Tariat soum’s middle school was Aimgiin Zaan (provincial title) D.Narangerel. My teacher is still living in the soum but has retired. I trained with D.Narangerel until I graduated from middle school. He was my first instructor and taught me the techniques and wisdom of the sport of wrestling. He was with me at Uye Chatsuutan and Provincial Teen National Wrestling competitions, when I took part in them. This is how I started my wrestling career. In general, kids who live in the countryside start wrestling soon after learning to walk.

It is widely known that your teacher, D.Narangerel, made valuable contributions to not only the development of Tariat soum’s but also Arkhangai Province’s national wrestling. Can you comment on this?

Yes. My teacher has helped many children and youth on the path to becoming a wrestler and has shared and contributed much. Many of his students have provincial titles. To mention some that have state titles, there is State Nachin B.Amarzaya of Arkhangai Province’s Chuluut soum. I’m the second student of D.Narangerel’s to receive a state title.

When did you receive your first national wrestling title and what was it?

My first title was Soum Zaan, which was given to me after winning the Naadam of 2002 at Tariat soum. In 2007, I came second at the Arkhangai Province Naadam and received the title of Aimgiin Zaan. Due to injuries, I took a two year break from wrestling and came back in 2010 and won Arkhangai’s Naadam and became Aimgiin Arslan. At that Naadam, Aimgiin Arslan L.Shinebaatar was my main rival.

How many years have you participated in the National Naadam tournaments?

This is my fourth year participating in the National Naadam tournament. I just received my state title after claiming a victory over my mentor and Darkhan Avarga G.Usukhbayar in the fifth round. My first state tournament was in 2011, which I lost to Selenge Province’s Arslan J.Ganbadrakh in the second round. In 2012, I lost to State Zaan B.Batmunkh in the third round and last year, I was defeated by Garid D.Ragchaa in the fourth round.

Can you please give us more insight into the matches you had this year? You won against Zaan M.Usukhbayar, who is considered by sport enthusiasts as a top athlete, in the fourth round. You seem to have exerted a lot of energy in that match.

All the rounds of the National Naadam are tough. In the second round, it’s usually against an Aimgiin Arslan. In the third round you get another Aimgiin Arslan or get challenged by a higher ranking wrestler. In the fourth round, Aimgiin Arslan’s wrestle against high ranking, state titled wrestlers. Again, all the rounds are very tough. In this year’s Naadam, I faced the up and coming Zaan M.Usukhbayar, who is in his prime, in the fourth round. He is a very good Zaan. The time ran out and we drew to see who would get a good hold. The dice blessed me and I chose a good hold against him and threw him. My homeland, heavens and gods have supported me. I feel very blessed.

What was going through your mind when you heard that Darkhan Avarga G.Usukhbayar was challenging you in the fifth round?

When the commentator introduced the upcoming matches, I realized that Darkhan Avarga G.Usukhbayar was challenging me. I was very happy and honored. It was a joy but also a challenge. To win a state title by beating a Darkhan Avarga is a great responsibility and honor. I was very hesitant during the match. Since I graduated from university and started training hard for wrestling, I have been close to Avarga Usukhbayar. In winter, he takes me along for ski training and in spring, he takes me to recuperation training. Ski training has a lot to offer. I am very grateful for the things Avarga Usukhbayar has done for me.

When fans and enthusiasts heard that Avarga Usukhbayar challenged you, they said, “N.Adyabat will surely become a State Nachin. Old timer Avarga is sure to support a young local wrestler from his homeland. A local kid is receiving the blessings of the Avarga.” What are your thoughts on this?

Are they saying that I was lucky?

You could say that.

The locals of a region with a Darkhan Avarga are indeed lucky folks.

You faced off against Arslan Kh.Munkhbaatar. Was there no way for you to take him down?

I was defeated by the Arslan. It’s not good for a defeated wrestler to speak ill of the match and make excuses. Everyone saw that I lost, fair and square.

You were very good at last year’s competition for provincial and military titled wrestlers. Were you preparing for the Nachin title then?

Due to injury, I didn’t take part in most of the competitions for high ranking wrestlers. I competed in four competitions for military and provincial titled wrestlers. I came in second once, was left among the top once, and once I was left in the top eight. In one tournament, I was defeated in the second round.

Fans noted that Naidan’s son Tuvshinbayar became State Khartsaga last year and that his other son Adyabat just received the State Nachin title. They were saying that Naidan’s sons are strong.

My father, Naidan had a good reputation and was honored by his community in his homeland. He passed away when I was a student. If he were alive, I’m sure he would have been very happy. He was my biggest supporter in the journey towards becoming a wrestler. My father’s dream was for his son to become a state titled wrestler.

Were your ancestors wrestlers too?

On my father’s side, there was State Nachin S.Lkhagva of Zavkhan Province’s Ukh-Uul soum. There isn’t anyone on my mother’s side who wrestled but there were many educated monks.

Has the stream of congratulatory messages for you success subsided yet. Have you visited your hometown?

I haven’t yet visited my homeland. It has been many years since a wrestler from my hometown received a state title. My folks are happier than I am about my title. From Tariat soum, M.Tsanlig received the State Nachin title in 2005 last. I believe that many great high ranking wrestlers will be born in my hometown in the future.

Did you study wrestling in school or did you study other sports?

I studied at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology from 2002 to 2006. I majored in construction heating and ventilation engineering. I had limited resources for training in wrestling when I was a student. I began training avidly after my graduation.

How do you train? Do you train all year round?

I train twice a week in national wrestling at Bukh Bilegt. Arkhan Province’s Khontont soums’ Zaan Ch.Gochoosuren leads the training. I also do strength training three times a week. So I train five days a week. Just as you take off to work in the morning with your bag and things, we take our zodog and shuudag and go to work. If there are competitions or sessions at the Wrestling Palace during weekends, I only rest once a week. This is my usual training routine. Wrestling is our job and life.

It is said that financial support is crucial for wrestlers. Lately, national companies and businesses have been supporting cultural development by sponsoring wrestlers. Are you affiliated with Hera Holding?

There are many types of support necessary for wrestlers to reach success, such as family and career support. Yes, I am Hera Holding’s wrestler. The Chairman of our soum council, Kh.Gankhuyag, is a board member of Hera Holding. He helps me a lot with training. The right conditions for training are met for young wrestlers when they join a company or a community. Without financial support, it is hard to train. Basic needs such as transportation can become big issues.

When will you wrestle again?

Our soum’s middle school will celebrate its 90 year anniversary this year. I will compete for the anniversary competition on July 27.


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