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The following is an interview with T.Bayarjavkhlan, CEO of Moogol Cloud LLC, which is working to make the first Mongolian search engine, Moogol.

Compared to other countries, the development of Mongolian information technology (IT) is relatively weak. What is different about the newly developed search engine?

We have 20 years of experience working in IT and we’ve made many programs. For many years, we were thinking about having our own independent search engine. With this aim, we resolved to make this system two years ago and worked on its survey for a year. In Mongolia, technological prospects are open, and content developers are working hard. All soums are connected to fiber optic cables and internet use in rural areas is increasing., so it is important to find a way to use internet distribution effectively.

What benefits will we have through a Mongolian search engine?

We have spent some time using information and technological systems. Although we are still using foreign search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Index. Honestly, since Mongolia is an independent country, it should have its own database and systems that allow data sharing and updating in order to ensure information safety. It will be mutually beneficial to individuals and businessmen if a nationwide information system can be set up.

For example, residents of southern regions are planning to plant vegetables on five hectares to supply their needs. In addition, researchers conducted a survey that shows farming potential in the region. Moogol will give these people a chance to exchange their information, cooperate and make surveys more accurately.

In this way, a good business environment, collaborative surveys, investigations and databases will be established.

Furthermore, if children in rural areas want to learn English, a feed that says “How to learn English online” will be included in Moogol. It is very unique, since we can manage the demand and reach of information.

You said that having our own search engine is advantageous to the press and business sectors. What is the difference between Google and Moogol?

It is hard to tell Google that we need a specific kind of information and that we want to distribute it because there is no representation of Google in Mongolia. So, our site has to deal with it and enter data into the system and make private and company information distribution clearer.

Soon we will have a program that fixes misspellings. Consequently, users can search for information accurately and the targeted information will be found easily and fast.

So why exactly do we need our own search engine? Maybe users prefer Yahoo, Google, or Index since they have already gotten used to using them.

The point is national security. Mongolian companies are using their Facebook pages instead of developing their own websites. This is becoming a key issue which decelerates this sector’s development. Moreover, the point is that we are becoming more dependent on foreign search engines. When an internet network is off, the internal e-mail system still has to be working.

Even though it seems that using foreign sites is not an issue at present, If we look at our future, having our own search engines is safer.

If we don’t develop this field ourselves, in five to 10 years, maybe we will not even be able to create a website on our own.

What kind of information will be included in this search engine?

All Mongolian content and information will be submitted to it and companies will have to update their information on it.

Google defines their goal as becoming the world’s brain, but we will set our goal for becoming the Mongolian brain. For consumers, they can find information from Moogol, same as Google.

We are mostly aiming to promote our national producers  through a cyber network?

It was noted by foreigners during a recent international expo that information about Mongolia in English is quite poor. So it is essential for tour companies to enrich their websites and publish their information in many languages.

In addition, the research work of scholars will also be added to the search engine. This way, it is useful for students and researchers who will conduct surveys in this sector.

Also, Mongolians knowledge of searching for information and choosing the right key words is quite poor. So we need to train them in this area. If Mongolia supports its national search engine by using it to find information, Moogol will improve itself quickly.

We will launch our website on July 1.

How should the state support this project?

The state has to show support by establishing a network system such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, our southern and northern neighbors have their own search engines and they are the most used search engines in their nations. In order to take care of national information and technological security, the state has to take this into account.


Source: http://www.shuudan.mn/page/newsmore/640


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