‘Legend of Argusan Khuurch’ exhibition

Trans. by B.Tungalag

Member of the Inner Mongolian Calligraphers Association M.Tuvshin released his solo exhibition “Legend of Argusan Khuurch” at Blue Moon Art Gallery, from June 20 to 24. It was the second solo exhibition by M.Tuvshin in Mongolia.

During the opening of the exhibition he displayed calligraphy from “The Secret History of the Mongols”. He spent 400 hours transcribing “The Secret History of the Mongols”.  He displayed some 67 calligraphies in his exhibition.

Here is brief interview with the artist.

How many categories of calligraphy are there?

It can be divided into three categories: quick drawing, study and center. But there are a lot of brush methods, such as hard and soft.

Which one do you use when you write calligraphy?

I use all three. I especially use the center method.

How fast is calligraphy developing in China?

Chinese calligraphy is developing at a high level, and calligraphy of Mongolian script has developed rapidly in the past two years in Inner Mongolia. I am a teacher in a small district of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. My colleagues and my teacher, B.Lkhagvasuren, helped me a lot for this exhibit.

Most of your work is related to books, poetry, and verse?

I really like to read books. I use morality tales for children and teenagers in my calligraphy.  I read poetry and if a verse of a poem impresses me, I copy it in my calligraphy.

Do calligraphers have distinctive qualities? If they do, what are they?

It depends on the artist. For me, I write by center method. It is my distinctive quality. I have been writing calligraphy for 31 years. I will continue writing.

How many students do you have? 

I have 17 students. I am totally open for children who want to learn calligraphy. I teach two-hour classes twice a day. I do not teach only calligraphy. I teach general education lessons. Also, I sometimes teach calligraphy for teachers.

Does Inner Mongolia produce brushes and paper? 

Inner Mongolia doesn’t domestically produce brushes and paper. I think there is a difference between Mongolian and Chinese brushes for calligraphy.

What about paper? 

There are two types of paper, coated and uncoated. If you want to write smaller things, use uncoated paper. Coated paper suits bigger writing.

What about your next exhibition?  

I am planning to exhibit with my students and amateur calligraphers as soon as possible.


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