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Humanity and Nature


                By M.OYUNGEREL Z.Tumenjargal hopes to show the relationship between humans and nature with “Sky Mongolia”, the artist’s third solo endeavor, which is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery through April3. The exhibition features artwork that combines modern and traditional elements. “The negative impacts of globalization, urbanization, [...]

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Uizenmaa: I challenge myself all the time to find my own way


By HELEN Wright   B.Uizenmaa, known as Uisenma Borchu, is a Mongolian film director living, studying and working in Munich, Germany. Her debut feature film, which she also acted in, “Don’t Look At Me That Way” (“Schau Mich Nicht So An” in Germany) won the Most Promising Talent Award at the Osaka Asian Film Festival [...]

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VAT Law is strangling businesses, says NGOs

Trans. by B.DULGUUN A conference titled “VAT Law Enforcement and Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs” was held last week by the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), entrepreneurs and NGOs. The Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association and Mongolian Food Producers’ Association attended the conference. During the conference, representatives from NGOs stressed that the new VAT Law was “strangling” [...]

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Climbing stairs to success

Up the Stairs

By M.OYUNGEREL B.Bolormaa’s third solo endeavor “City Landscapes” presents 17 realistic and contemporary works with neon nuances, and will be on view through March 30 at 976 Art Gallery. B.Bolormaa graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and Culture in 2002. She has participated in exhibitions in Sweden, Scotland, and Belgium since 2000. Her previous [...]

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National hockey team needs indoor ice rink, says coach


By B.BAATAR The Mongolian National Ice Hockey Team secured a bronze medal from the 2016 Ice Hockey Challenge Cup of Asia, held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from March 12 to 18. The team returned home on Tuesday. National hockey team coach A.Mergen gave an interview after his arrival. Congratulations on winning you fourth [...]

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T.Shinetuya becomes World Teen Supermodel


By B.TUNGALAG T.Shinetuya won the annual World Supermodel Pageant, which took place from March 12 to 21 in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The World Supermodel Pageant is an international competition for models aged between 16 and 19 years of age, and 20 to 30 years of age that was created to find future supermodels and fashion [...]

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Mongolian female peacekeeper shares her experience in South Sudan and West Sahara


Trans. by B.DULGUUN Lieutenant Colonel T.Munkh-Orgil is tearing down walls and prejudices for women in the military sector. She went to Western Sahara as a military observer in 2008, to South Sudan as a food supply officer in 2012, and went to South Sudan again as a fuel officer in 2015. After returning in 2015, [...]

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The value of human life in Nalaikh


By Allyson Seaborn @allysonseaborn This article was originally published by The Mongolian Observer Magazine. Exposure to fear and hardship increases your resilience, but it doesn’t increase your chances of survival when the walls of a mine shaft are crumbling around you. Resilience means nothing when you cannot breathe and are slowly suffocating dozens of meters below [...]

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Citizens call for transferring USD loans to MNT


By Ch.KHALIUN On Monday, citizens T.Bayarkhuu, Ts.Shinebayar and G.Ganbat announced that they have initiated the 218.1 Movement to address the concerns of people and entities that took out loans in USD and are now seeing great losses due to drastic increases to the USD exchange rate. Provision No. 218.1 of the Civil Law states that [...]

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Disability-friendly wagon starts service

Disabled passenger entering the wagon

By M.OYUNGEREL Minister of Roads and Transportation M.Zorigt reported on his social media account on March 21 that the first wagon for disabled people transported its first passengers to Sainshand soum. Passenger train depot engineers started equipping the wagon on January 15 under the Minister of Roads and Transportation’s decree. “Our technicians and engineers have [...]

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