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Cabinet members receive Oyu Tolgoi investors


By Ch.KHALIUN Following the singing of the financial agreement for expanding Oyu Tolgoi’s (OT) underground mine, members of Cabinet and other officials received OT investors on December 16. Beginning the meeting, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg thanked the investors for believing in Mongolia’s economy and investing in Oyu Tolgoi during difficult times for the global economy. The [...]

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Elementary School No.93 extension opens

BGD 93r surguuliin shine bairnii neelt hartsaga1 +

By M.OYUNGEREL An extension for Elementary School No.93 in Bayangol District, a school for gifted and talented students, opened on December 18. San-Erchim Company built the extension for a total of 2.2 billion MNT funding from the city, and handed the building over to the National State Property Commission on November 27. The school opened [...]

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Unreported income of 6.1 trillion MNT revealed under economic transparency law


By E.OYUNDARI A total of 6.1 trillion MNT in unreported, equivalent to 27.9 percent of 2014 GDP, has been unveiled and declared since the economic transparency law went in force, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg announced during the delivery of a report on the performance economic transparency law given at last Friday’s joint parliamentary meeting. “The government [...]

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Tavan Bogd Group to purchase Ulaanbaatar Times printing factory

Baatarsaihan Ts

By B.DULGUUN Director of Tavan Bogd Group Ts.Baatarsaikhan announced on December 18 that he has agreed to purchase the Ulaanbaatar Times printing factory, after the cancellation of the sale to Abdul Karim. Ts.Baatarsaikhan offered 23.85 billion MNT for the printing factory at an auction held on October 30, but lost to Abdul Karim, who offered [...]

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‘Role of Women in Mongolian Society’


By M.OYUNGEREL “Role of Women in Mongolian Society”, a group exhibition that was on view at 976 Art Gallery through December 15, presented viewers with the final results of a multi-generational photography project for Mongolian women. Goethe Institute invited Jordis Schlosser, a noted photographer with the Ostkreuz Photo Agency, to teach a five-day workshop for [...]

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Give us better healthcare, not just better hospice


By Michelle Borok This year the story of Dr. D.Odontuya, a hospice and palliative care provider who provides comfort and care to Mongolia’s previously ignored terminally ill and elderly, was written about following the publication of The Economist’s Quality of Death index. The index listed Mongolia as “one of the best places to die”, as [...]

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1st International Children’s Open Violin Competition takes place

10153349_1026117367410460_1216205452_n (1)

By B.BAATAR The 1st International Children’s Open Violin Competition was held last week under the auspices of the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar at the Mongolian Children’s Palace. A total of 60 young violinists from Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Great Britain participated in the competition and played world famous classical compositions. Mongolian Violinist M.Anujin, 11, received [...]

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750 karat gold cup presented at first boxing tournament among Mongolian ethnic groups

__ET8945 - Copy

By B.TUNGALAG The first international boxing tournament among Mongolian ethnic groups, organized by the World Mongolians Global Association and Mongolian Boxing Federation, was held from December 12 to 14 at the Wrestling Palace in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian boxers won a 750 karat gold cup after claiming most of the medals from the tournament. Boxers from Mongolia, [...]

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Mongolian scientists create new technology to boost energy efficiency

12387841_1026059294082934_789825216_n (1)

Trans. by B.DULGUUN A Mongolian team of scientists from Arkhimed Group has invented a new technology that could cut energy consumption by tenfold. The following is an interview with Chairman of Arkhimed Group D.Bayraa about this new technology.   A team from Arkhimed Group did a research on Mongolian energy sector. Can you tell us [...]

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Hwang Kyo-ahn: Mongolia and South Korea are close partners in trade and investment

source www.koogle.tv

By K.TUGCHIN South Korea’ Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn arrived yesterday in Ulaanbaatar for an official visit. Kyo-ahn’s visit marks the first visit from the country’s Prime Minister in 14 years. Kyo-ahn gave an interview to Unuudur newpaper. Mongolia and South Korea is marking the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year. In the past, the [...]

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