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A Mongolian view of the universe

Green Tara by G.Enkhtur

By M.OYUNGEREL The “Universe” exhibition by School of Fine Arts alumni from 1984 to 1990 is being presented at the Union of Mongolian Artists’ Art Gallery until November 29. The exhibition consists of over 40 artworks by approximately 20 artists, with a mix of sculptures and paintings. Three artists stood out among their peers, sculptor [...]

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ISCA names Ch.Ganbaatar as one of the top five caricaturists


By B.BAATAR The Mongolian caricature artists’ team, comprised S.Turburam, Ch.Ganbaatar and L.Munkhtur, attended the 24th Annual International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) Convention, which took place in Ohio, U.S. from November 8 to 13. Caricaturist Ch.Ganbaatar won first place in the outstanding color technique category. He was named as one of the top five caricaturists [...]

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Ch.Mungundalai tours Mongolia by bicycle


By B.TUNGALAG Young Mongolian cyclist with communication disorder Ch.Mungundalai achieved his dream of cycling 11,200 kilometers around Mongolia in two-year. The cyclist is a member of the Young Cyclist Club of the Mongolian Youth Federation. He divided journey into two parts: eastern provinces and western provinces. Ch.Mungundalai started his journey to eastern provinces on July [...]

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Ts.Tumur-Ochir: Privatization of state hospitals will open greater opportunities

Tumur-Ochir Ts zahiral 3r emneleg Muugi1 +

Trans. by B.DULGUUN The sole referral center for cardiovascular and neurological treatment in Mongolia is the State Central Third Hospital. It has introduced several new technologies for medical treatment and services this year, including cardiac resynchronization therapy CRT, which was introduced in September for treating chronic heart failure. Doctors and surgeons from the hospital have [...]

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Mongolia starts setting up camp in Antarctica


Trans. by B.TUNGALAG Mongolia is about to establish its own camp in Antarctica and conduct a research expedition. President of the Mongolian Antarctica Research Association and Ambassador of Mongolia to Bulgaria L.Dugerjav has participated in five Antarctic expeditions. On November 23, he organized a press conference and said, “Mongolia joined the Antarctic Treaty System on [...]

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Mongolia and Italy to cooperate in value-added product manufacturing


By Ch.KHALIUN Industry Minister D.Erdenebat’s visit to Europe continued in Italy on November 21, where the Minister met with Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, and the sides agreed to cooperate in producing value-added products in Mongolia. Beginning the meeting, Deputy Minister Calenda thanked D.Erdenebat for visiting Italy and said that he is [...]

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New equipment provided to National Maternal and Children’s Health Center


By M.OYUNGEREL The delivery ward of the National Maternal and Children’s Health Center (NMCHC) has been furnished with advanced equipment with funding from JCI Mongolia. The delivery ward has 75 beds for healthy infants and 17 beds for infants in need of emergency treatment. JCI Mongolia started “Save Life” campaign and raised money to furnish [...]

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Mongolia-China joint parliamentary meeting enhances inter-parliamentary cooperation

First meeting of the permanent talks mechanism betwwen the parliaments of Mongolia and China takes place

By E.OYUNDARI Yan Junqi, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of China, has conducted a working visit to Mongolia to attend the joint meeting of a regular prarliamentary exchange mechanism between China and Mongolia, upon the invitation of her Mongolian counterpart M.Enkhbold. Hosted by the Parliament of Mongolia on [...]

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Amgalan Thermal Power Plant shuts down for four hours

Amgalan Thermal Power Station hartsaga (1)

By B.DULGUUN Yesterday, the Amgalan Thermal Power Plant faced technical difficulties and stopped providing heat to apartments in the Officer’s Palace area and 15th and 16th micro-districts in Bayanzurkh District for four hours. The power plant has three boilers, but it has been operating on one pilot boiler. The other two boilers are undergoing maintenance [...]

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X-Tuts brings laughter with ‘Best of the Best’ performances

Mongolia’s leading comedy group, X-Tuts Production, is staging its best performances in its latest “Best of the Best” show for 35 days, prior its 20th anniversary. Since 1996, X-Tuts has brought laughter and joy to         Mongolians through their television shows, stage performances, and notable comedy miniseries “Sergeesh” (Dope). During its 20-year [...]

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