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Mongolia caught in a debt trap

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Jubilee Debt Campaign, an organization that strives for breaking the chains of debt, published an interesting report last month. They named nine countries (Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda) that have become fully dependent on external debt, and emphasized that the gap between the rich and the poor in these [...]

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Ganga Lake Festival to commence

Ganga River Festival 2014

By B.DULGUUN The Ganga Lake Festival, initiated in 2014 for the preservation of Ganga Lake ecosystem and local minor cultures, will be held from September 5 to 6 in Dariganga soum of Sukhbaatar Province. The festival aims to raise awareness of ecosystems going extinct in Ganga Lake, improve tourism and protect unique cultures and ecosystem [...]

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Gergely Kantor: My dream is to reach 2,700 points in my performance rating


By M.OYUNGEREL Mongol News interviewed Hungarian chess master, the leading competitor of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad, Gergely Kantor. How do you feel about this competition so far?  I am happy that I’m in Mongolia and in this competition. I am satisfied with the competition’s organization. I’m a vegetarian so it’s a bit hard [...]

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D.Khayankhyarvaa: DP has turned its PM into a headless horseman

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Trans. by B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with D.Khayankhyarvaa, Member of Parliament and deputy head of Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), about timely issues. Lately, the Amnesty Law has been at the center of public attention. Most MPs believe it is right to pass the law, but seem to have conflicts in opinion on the [...]

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Trade agreement signed for one billion USD Baganuur Power Plant

Tsahilgaanii shongiin mod G.Erdenebayar

By M.OYUNGEREL The National Dispatch Center, National Power Transmission Grid, and Baganuur Power Co. have signed a power and electricity trade agreement concerning the Baganuur 700 megawatt power plant, which will cost one billion USD for construction, on August 28. By signing the trade agreement, the Mongolian government is agreeing to buy each kilowatt of [...]

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Elderly woman injured in ceiling collapse


By M.ZOLJARGAL The ceiling of an apartment on the first floor of Building No.34, an outdated building near Chinggis Khaan International Airport, collapsed last week. An 86-year-old woman was injured in the collapse. The building was assessed as not fit for people to live in due to outdated conditions three years ago by specialized agencies. [...]

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Enrollment in schools and kindergartens on the rise


By E.OYUNDARI A new nationwide core program on pre-school education will be carried out in the 2015-2016 academic year, kicking off as enrollment in schools and kindergartens increases. Under the new core program every child will be taught the skills to acknowledge what they like to do, express their mind freely, become more independent, and [...]

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State seal used in magazine scam targeting tourists


- PM Ch.Saikhanbileg: The airport is not a marketplace – By B.KHASH-ERDENE A man from a company called Hunnu Lord was caught handing fake government flyers out to foreigners at the airport, demanding that they buy a magazine for 160 USD to enter the country. The scam was discovered during Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg’s unannounced inspection [...]

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Where does price meet quality in Mongolian education?


By M.OYUNGEREL While college students protest about their increased tuition fee of three million MNT, private high school tuition fees has reached 50 million MNT. As a lifetime investment, paying 50 million MNT for a high quality education is worth it, but if you consider the living costs in Mongolia, three million MNT is too [...]

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‘Nondiscriminatory Faith’


By M.OYUNGEREL Artist U.Barkhuu is presenting his first solo exhibition, “Nondiscriminatory Faith”, at the Union of Mongolian Artists’ Art Gallery until September 3. U.Barkhuu graduated from Anima Art Design School. At the age of 16, he became an apprentice to the artist Bulgan. He is presenting this exhibition with some work by Bulgan as well. [...]

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