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Amgalan Power Plant to provide heat and energy soon

Amgalan dulaanii stants-iin barilgiin ajiltai Saihanbileg Bat-uul taniltsav hartsaga +

By Ch.Khaliun The Cabinet resolved financing of 3.9 billion MNT necessary for test heating through the plant’s network. The PM instructed Chairman of Development Bank N.Munkhbat to immediately transfer the funds, and Chairman of Mongolian Customs B.Tsengel to expand the temporary customs procedures period and eliminate taxes for two trucks that will transport ash from [...]

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Mongolian Facebook users start #ХогBucketChallenge campaign

Six-year-old Tengis

By E.OYUNDARI Mongolian Facebook users started the #ХогBucketChallenge (trash bucket challenge) nationwide, at the same time as the beginning of the Naadam holiday. The rule is, three people who were called on by a challenger should collect three bags of waste in any location of Mongolia within three days, and should call on the next [...]

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Fake parking stickers create confusion during Naadam


By Ch.KHALUN Parking stickers that were ready for distribution on July 8 were in high demand since their release. Those who couldn’t purchase a sticker fr.om reliable organizations bought fake parking stickers from unreliable sources on the internet, which led to problems at Naadam events. Police confiscated the vehicle documents and parking stickers of drivers [...]

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Bringing ancient China to Mongolia

Shanhain zuraachdiin uzesgelen hartsaga --- (2)

By M.OYUNGEREL Modern interpretations of traditional Chinese paintings by artists of the Union of Chinese Artists (UCA) have come to Mongolia for the third time. The exhibition will be open through July 24, at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, located southeast of Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel. This year’s installation is unique from the [...]

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State triathlon champions announced


By B.TUNGALAG The National Triathlon Championship 2015 took place at Ugii Lake, Arkhangai Province, from July 17 to19. Mongolian triathletes competed in three events: swimming, biking and running. Khilchin Sports Committee’s Sports Master Kh.Odgerel won the men’s elite category after swimming 1,000 meters, cycling 28 kilometers, and running 9.2 kilometers with a time of 2:08:00. [...]

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B.Munkhbolor: Bus card system to launch on Friday


Trans. by M.OYUNGEREL The following is an interview with executive director of Ulaanbaatar Smart Card Co., B.Munkhbolor. Ulaanbaatar Smart Card Co. is working to introduce a new public transportation management system, transportation information system, and electronic payment system. How is the progress of this endeavor? The project trial was a success. The project will officially [...]

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Ulaanbaatarians: Ice skaters in winter, long jumpers in summer

UB 20 min boroonoor uer usand avtav 2015.07 sar hartsaga1 --- (8)

By M.OYUNGEREL Households were flooded and roads were closed after rain that lasted half an hour on Monday. The city center turned into a swimming pool due to the lack of storm drains and overflowing pipes. There’s a 100 kilometer tunnel system for cleaning rainwater, and yet, it overflows quickly in heavy rain. People of [...]

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Housing surplus to reach 16,000 by 2020


By Ch.KHALIUN The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and market analysts estimate that the housing supply surplus will reach 16,000 in the next five years. Estimates suggest that 189,240 households in UB, and around 16,000 households in other regions have real demand for real estate purchase, but only 31.2 percent of the properties have [...]

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Neonatal disease treatment to continue in separate wards


By M.ZOLJARGAL The State First Maternity Hospital, recently named Urgoo, announced it will open its first neonatal intensive care unit next month. All the required equipment, staff and structural systems are ready for operation, according to the hospital. The unit will treat newborn infants who are suffering from respiratory diseases, cerebral apoplexy (stroke), and gastrointestinal [...]

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Mongolia and Cuba call for strengthening bilateral relations

Foreign Affairs Minister L.Purevsuren

On July 20, Cuba and Mongolia agreed to strengthen their relations during a meeting between Mongolian Foreign Affairs Minister L.Purevsuren and Cuban Prime Minister Marcelino Medina. “We are confident that L.Purevsuren’s visit represents a major contribution to progress and the strengthening of friendship relations between our countries,” Prime Minister Medina said. He added that it [...]

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