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Kapla and Mongolia: Whose game is this case that has violated human rights?

By G.Zandanshatar, former Member of the Mongolian Parliament and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Lately, websites have been screaming loudly that freedom and human rights are being violated in Mongolia for both foreigners and local people. Those who run businesses are especially concerned, and live and work in constant fear. It is accurate to say [...]

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L.Terbish: This year will be a wonderful year without any drought

Trans. by B.DULGUUN The following is an interview about the Year of the “Mad” Sheep with State Honored Scientist, academic of the Mongolian Academy of Science, ScD, Ph.D. and astrologist Uriankhai L.Terbish. L.Terbish is a famous astrologist studying Mongolian astronomy in combination with present-day scientific research. His annual calendar book, Tugs Buyant, is highly demanded [...]

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‘Mongolian researchers are now capable of observing bacteria on a fly’s eye’


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was upgraded with a new laboratory and equipment, which is expected to boost the contribution and value of Mongolian researchers, in late January. This new laboratory is to become Mongolia’s core laboratory and was set up through education sector reform. Many researchers and experts [...]

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A talented woman

Artist L.Myangantsetseg is holding an award Altan Biir

Trans by B.NARANTUYA It is a great pleasure to introduce a lady who works in many different fields and has a broad scope of knowledge. L.Myangantsetseg is a painter, sculptor, broadcaster and a volunteer worker. This time, we conducted an interview in a different style. She spoke freely about her art and methods that she [...]

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Khutul cement factory receives state honors


By Ch.KHALIUN On February 16, Khutul Cement Lime JSC was awarded the State Gerege, the highest honor for contributing to national development. Gogo.mn spoke with the Executive Director of Khutul Cement Lime JSC, G.Batdorj, about the company. Congratulations for receiving such a precious award. Thank you. I would like to thank all the senior engineers, [...]

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Provincial roads reopened


By M.ZOLJARGAL Several roads on route to provinces from Ulaanbaatar were temporarily closed on Saturday, following a blizzard that blew snow on roads at wind speeds of 18 to 20 meters per second. Roads to Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon and Selenge Provinces were closed at 11:00 p.m. on Friday until 7:00 a.m. the following day, while roads [...]

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Speaker talks visa terms and economic partnership during visit to Japan


By E.OYUNDARI On Tuesday the head of the Japan-Mongolia friendship group at the House of Councillors, Satsuki Eda, called on Speaker of Mongolian Parliament Z.Enkhbold, who is paying an official visit to Japan. Mentioning that the House of Councillors is making vital contributions to improving Mongolia-Japan cooperation in all sectors, Speaker Z.Enkhbold expressed his hope [...]

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Noyon Mountain activists cleared from protest site


By M.ZOLJARGAL Social media has been flooded with photos and videos of protesters being surrounded by police sent in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday morning to remove hunger striking protesters, reportedly to deliver them to a hospital for medical treatment, as ordered by the Chinggeltei District Mayor. Six people were on hunger strike outside the [...]

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Mongolian circus performer Kh.Batmunkh to launch circus school in South Africa

By B.BAATAR Mongolian circus artist T.Batmunkh and his friends opened the Mongolian Dream Circus in South Africa in 1998. The Mongolian Dream Circus announced that it will soon open a school. Mongolian circus artists will work as teachers at the school. In 1996, artists of the Mongolian Dream Circus went to South Africa to perform [...]

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Democratic Values of Mongolia

By MP L.Bold The following is the transcript of a speech given by MP L.Bold, head of the Mongolia-Germany Inter-Parliamentary Group, at the group’s 10th Assembly. Distinguished Colleagues,  Democracy in Mongolia had its 25th anniversary – a celebrated and retrospective whole year. Any person, or any country, is driven by reason, aspiration, and courage to [...]

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