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A careful look at adoption in Mongolia


Trans. by D.SERGELEN A child brings happiness and brightness to any home. Since ancient times, Mongolians have valued children and have spent very precious time raising and educating them. But nowadays, we are unaware of how to treat them. Among children’s biggest difficulties, I am happy to be talking about the challenges of adoption, because [...]

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UBR shackling the drive for development

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Rail transport is a driving force for the socio-economic development of any country. It used to be the case in Mongolia. The beginning of Mongolia’s industrial development traces back to 1938, when coal was first transported to our first-ever power plant on a 42 km, narrow gauge railway from Nalaikh to Ulaanbaatar. In 1955, the [...]

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Mongolia suspects 4.3 million USD Green Tara statue to be smuggled illegally


By B.TUNGALAG One of Mongolia’s 17th century’s relics, a gilded statue of Green Tara created by Zanabazar, was sold for 4.3 million USD or 3.46 million EUR, at an auction in Paris, France on December 11. Mongolian officials suspects the historic bronze statue may have been moved to France illegally. Minister of Education, Culture and [...]

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Kh.Enkh-Amar receives lifetime ban from amateur boxing


By M.ZOLJARGAL The professional board of the Mongolian Olympic Boxing Federation’s (MOBF) meeting ended with several striking decisions last week. Three members of the Women’s National Boxing  Team, M.Nandin-Erdene, E.Uyanga and O.Suvd-Erdene, were temporarily dismissed from the team, following their disrespect and mistreatment of their coach B.Enkhtaivan. The National Women’s Team is now dismantled as [...]

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Ts.Oyungerel: Regardless of the government, culture, sports and tourism issues should never be neglected or forgotten


Trans. by B.DULGUUN Mongolia’s new ministers were appointed on December 10. The former Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), established during the Reform Government, has now been split and integrated into other ministries at the orders of the new Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg. Former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism and MP Ts.Oyungerel gave an [...]

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Tax exemptions considered for imports for projects financed by Austrian loans


By B.MENDBAYAR At the Cabinet meeting held on December 10, the government resolved to submit a draft law for Parliamentary discussion to exempt imports of equipment, facilities and supplies for projects being implemented through a soft loan from the Austrian government from Mongolian customs tax. The governments of Mongolia and Austria established a financial cooperation [...]

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Traffic restriction changes under review today


By M.ZOLJARGAL The Ulaanbaatar Administration Board is reviewing possible changes to traffic restrictions today during its regular meeting. Some media outlets and social media have been reporting that traffic restrictions in Ulaanbaatar were halted last Thursday, as the extension of the restricted driving program had reportedly come to its end. Ulaanbaatar City Mayor’s Office’s official [...]

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New Minister of Finance submits draft amendments to 2015 state budget

Minister J.Erdenebat hands 2015 budget draft to Deputy Speaker of Parliament R.Gonchigdorj

By Ch.KHALIUN On December 11, MP and Minister of Finance J.Erdenbat submitted draft amendments to the law on the 2015 state budget, the law on the 2015 budget for the social insurance fund, and the law on 2015 human development fund to Deputy Chairman of Parliament R.Gonchigdorj. The draft was revised based on provision 34.1.4 [...]

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Running the Deputy Minister marathon


By B.DULGUUN Over 40 party candidates are in a race for seven deputy minister positions in PM Ch.Saikhanbileg’s new government. According to the coalition government agreement, the Democratic Party was allotted five deputy minister seats, the Mongolian People’s Party with seven seats, Justice Coalition (established by the Mongolian National Democratic Party and Mongolian People’s Revolutionary [...]

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National Circus needs more attention

tsirk khartsaga1

Trans. by D.SERGELEN We all know that Asashoryu Dagvadorj privatized the National Circus of Mongolia in 2008. We hoped that he would do something great to develop Mongolian circus arts. Why has this building, where children used to have fun and enjoy circus performances, turned into a place that contributes to alcoholism? I had never [...]

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