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Prime Minister sends requests to parties to form a coalition government

gol medee

By Ch.KHALIUN On Monday, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg sent a request letter to each political party with seats in Parliament to form a coalition government. The letter cites that in order to bring about a quick economic recovery, Prime Minister Saikhanbileg pledges to take immediate steps and renew electoral rules at all levels by amending the [...]

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Ulaanbaatar to host Asian Youth Fencing Championship in 2015


By B.TUNGALAG Ulaanbaatar administrators have announced that the Asian Youth Fencing Championship and General Assembly of the Asian Fencing Federation (AFF) will be hosted in the city next year, from September 7 to 12. The decision to give Mongolia the right to host the events was made at the annual congress of the International Fencing [...]

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World Bank ready to implement four projects in Mongolia


By B.MENDBAYAR Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on State Structure, A.Bakei had a meeting with the World Bank Country Representative for Mongolia, James Anderson, on November 19, to discuss the bank’s readiness to implement four projects in Mongolia. Beginning the meeting, A.Bakei congratulated James Anderson on his reappointment and expressed [...]

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Baganuur to become an independent city


By M.ZOLJARGAL Baganuur District will be turned into an independent city with separate governance and financing, as part of Ulaanbaatar’s General Development Plans from 2020 through 2030. Ulaanbaatar city administrators hosted an initial discussion on the draft of “Baganuur City’s Main Regulations” last week, as an initial step to launch the project. Baganuur is located [...]

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D.Chuluunbat: Not one but several people need to go to Antarctica

chuluunbaatar tsag uurch khartsaga (1)

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Head of the Climate Change Coordination Office of the Ministry of Environment and Green Development and honored environmental worker D.Chuluunbat has been studying the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere with Russian researchers for a year. He conducted his work amongst a company of penguins and seals at the icy continent of Antarctica. [...]

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‘Sutra Great Deity Tara’ inscribed in the Asia-Pacific Register of the Memory of the World


By B.TUNGALAG Secretary-general of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO G.Jargalsaikhan granted an official certificate of the registration of Sutra Great Deity Tara in UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Register of the Memory of the World to Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel at the Mongolian National Library on November 19. Mongolian cultural heritage Sutra Great Deity [...]

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Radish-like budget

Jargal DeFacto_Poster Name card (1)-1

Following the recent dismissal of the government, Mongolia came close to being left without a parliament. The parliament was supposed to be dismissed if they were not able to ratify the 2015 state budget by November 14. The state budget was approved in a panic, at the last minute, after the parliamentarians – having held [...]

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Open letter to Mongolian political leadership

By Julian Dierkes I am traveling to Ulaanbaatar from Yangon, Myanmar, just as your ranks are being reconfigured into a new government. It is encouraging to see another peaceful change of leadership that responds to the will of parliament, and thus, signals the solidity of democratic institutions. While Mongolia may well be an example for [...]

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‘Mounted Mongolians’ completes a six-month journey across Mongolia


By M.ZOLJARGAL Ulaanbaatar welcomed the return of a team of young men who crossed Mongolia on horseback to document the daily lives of Mongolian nomads and the unrelenting persistence of Mongolian horse culture, on Saturday at Khaadiin Khaan Equestrian Complex near the city. The team of five riders set off on their journey on May [...]

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Germany through the eyes of Mongolian artists


By B.Narantuya 976 Art Gallery is hosting “germandiaries” a joint exhibition, from November 17 to December 7. The exhibition features over 30 paintings presenting the real and imagined landscapes of Germany. The exhibition is supported and sponsored by Goethe Institute in Mongolia and dedicated to the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Germany. [...]

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