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We don’t have roads and squares for people with disabilities

121 etdrt

Trans. by D.SERGELEN  The Human Rights Commission evaluated the living conditions of people with disabilities in Mongolia.  Although there are 117,000 disabled people living in Mongolia, out of which over 28,000 are children, special public resources and pedestrian crossings with sensors have not yet been built for their use. A significant factor in the high [...]

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Problematic Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Act lands pharmacists in court


-Dozens of pharmacists investigated for trading sedatives- Trans. by B.DULGUUN Daily News was contacted about pharmacists going to court for selling the psychotropic drug Luminal, after an article was published about children suffering negative side effects, leading to a ban on Luminal production. Luminal is commonly used as a sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant, but pharmacists [...]

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‘Incheon-2014’ photo exhibition


By B.Narantuya The “Incheon-2014” photo exhibition, sharing images from this year’s Asian Games, is being presented from October 27 to October 30, at Blue Moon Art Gallery. A group of 22 journalists from the Mongolian Journalists Association documented the Asian Games for the first time. Official photographers Ch.Ganbat, E.Magnaibayar, B.Munkhzul and E.Hartsaga captured the highlights [...]

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Mongolian sumo A.Ichinnorov receives fastest promotion to Sekiwake in a century


By D.SERGELEN Mongolian sumo wrestler A.Ichinojo receives the fastest promotion to the rank of Sekiwake in professional sumo in a century. The Japanese Professional Sumo Association has announced the new list of wrestlers’ title on October 27. Mongolian sumo Ichinojo A.Ichinnorov was promoted from the rank of Maegashira to Sekiwake, skipping the Komusubi rank, in [...]

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Composer G.Purevdorj becomes Honored Citizen of Ulaanbaatar


By B.TUNGALAG State Cultural Merit Worker composer G.Purevdorj has become the 15th Honored Citizen of Ulaanbaatar on October 27. In recognition of his many years of considerable work in Mongolian arts and culture and contributions to the education of Ulaanbaatar residents, Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul and head of City Council D.Battulga presented him with the certificate [...]

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P.Munkhsaikhan: Talent is like hair braided with three stands


Trans. by B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with Head of Ulaanbaatar Ensemble and “Rock Monster” P.Munkhsaikhan. You’ve been the head of Ulaanbaatar Ensemble for a year now. How is it to work as the head? I worked for many years as a director. Directors have to be excellent organizers. The sector I’m currently working [...]

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Only in Mongolia: Schools that work in six shifts

school number 11

Trans. by B.Narantuya Schools that are not up to standards are closed and torn down in Ulaanbaatar, but the process of rebuilding and repair work is taking long, giving rise to many problems. For example, the students of School No.3 have been studying in different schools for three years because it was torn down for [...]

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Mongolian railroad set to have both narrow and broad gauge rails


By B.MENDBAYAR The long-ranging dispute over using mixed railway gauges has now been settled, and Mongolia is set to lay narrow gauge rails to its southern border points and broad gauge rails to its northern ports. A draft resolution on “Some Measures to Ensure the Implementation of the State Policy on Railway Transportation” was ratified [...]

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Roads around Government Palace to close for public parade

Route of closed roads

By M.ZOLJARGAL Ulaanbaatar administrations closed roads in the area of the Government Palace at midnight yesterday to run the public parade honoring the 375th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar. The intersection on the west side of Chinggis Square will be closed until 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, while the intersection on the east side of the square will [...]

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Apartment granted to parents of four sets of twins


By B.DULGUUN The Prime Minister granted a new apartment to the parents of eight children, born in the rare case of four consecutive deliveries of twins, to celebrate the 375th anniversary of the founding of Ulaanbaatar. Father D.Enkhtur and mother Ts.Undrakh, previously residing in the 11th khoroo of Sukhbaatar District, received the key and certificate [...]

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