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Mongolia welcomes back world champion S.Tserenchimed

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By M.ZOLJARGAL The Mongolian national team of female freestyle wrestlers arrived at Chinggis Khaan International Airport on Saturday night after competing at the World Wrestling Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. O.Amartuvshin, vice president of the Mongolian Wrestling Federation (MWF), G.Usukhbayar, vice president of Aldar Sports Committee and Ts.Khosbayar, State Honored Athlete, as well as families and [...]

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L.Erdenechuluun: Inspectors will be reshuffled

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Trans. by B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with the Head of the  Ulaanbaatar Specialized Inspection Agency (USIA) L.Erdenechuluun about the USIA’s operations and other important matters.  You’ve been working as the Head of the USIA for some time. During this time, what sorts of changes have you made? I was appointed to this position [...]

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‘Street’ project replaces congested traffic circle with 4-way intersection

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New intersection doubles number of drivers passing per hour By M.ZOLJARGAL The traffic circle at Akhui Uilchiglee intersection in the 3rd microdistrict reopened as a four-way intersection on Thursday to reduce constant traffic congestion. The intersection was built for 4.5 billion MNT. Drivers had to drive around the traffic circle without being able to directly [...]

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D.Terbishdagva attends WEF’s ‘Summer Davos’

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By Ch.KHALIUN Mongolian Deputy Minister D.Terbishdagva joined hundreds of business and research leaders in the Chinese city of Tianjin for the annual World Economic Forum meeting known as ‘Summer Davos’, held from September 10 to 12. D.Terbishdagva spoke to the attendees and said, “According to a World Bank study, Mongolia moved from socialist society organization [...]

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First Mongolia-Russia-China trilateral meeting held during SCO Summit


By Ch.KHALIUN Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj attended the 14th summit of the Council of Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States and hosted the first trilateral meeting of the three state heads of Russia, China and Mongolia, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Below are excerpts from the President’s speech opening the meeting and his proposal for continued [...]

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Regaining Credibility

Institute of National Strategy article series Mongolia’s ability to attract third neighbor investors and financiers to support funding of it’s huge development agenda has deteriorated. Providers of capital are seeking answers to two basic questions while considering lending or investing in Mongolia. 1. Is the Government of Mongolia supportive of an empowered private sector and [...]

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Cabinet reshuffle in the Government for Change

baahan humus

Trans. by D.SERGELEN The head of the ‘New Government for Changes’, N.Altankhuyag, informed the public that he is going to reshuffle his Cabinet. This announcement pleased a lot of people. The reshuffling will cover several ministerial positions and will lead to strong competition among the factions in the Democratic Party. They might already be planning [...]

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Zero Gravity


By B.TUNGALAG Young artist G.Gerelkhuu is sharing his second solo exhibition, “Zero Gravity” at 976 Art Gallery, from September 11 to 21. His exhibition displays seven huge pieces created using traditional painting methods. Tradition and modernity, and the conflict between the two, are depicted in G.Gerelkhuu’s work. His paintings narrate highly developed techniques created by [...]

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Mongolian circus artists take part in IDOL 2014


Mongolian circus artists are participating in the contortion category of the second  World Festival of Circus Art IDOL, which is taking place in Moscow, Russia, from September 10 to 14. Participants in the World Festival of Circus Art IDOL 2014 are young and already famous circus artists from 16 countries, namely China, North Korea, Mongolia, [...]

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Peace Run participants head to Zamiin-Uud

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By B.TUNGALAG Mongolian athletes, participating in the Peace Run worldwide run for peace, headed to Zamiin-Uud from Ulaanbaatar on September 10. The torch of the Asia-Pacific region’s Peace Run came to Mongolia from Ulaan-Ude, Russia on September 3. The torch passed through Khiagt, Selenge, Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, Tuv, Govisumber and Dornogovi provinces. It will be passed [...]

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