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Natural disaster hits Arkhangai Province


Rainstorm leaves one dead, 11 injured, 100 livestock missing Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL A powerful rainstorm with high speed winds hit Khashaat soum in Arkhangai Province on Saturday evening, leaving one person dead, nine injured, and about 100 livestock missing. Two of the injured are now hospitalized and in critical condition. Three vehicles were carried away [...]

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The other side of the coin

By B.Zulbayar It seems that everyone is now concerned that Mongolia’s economic growth is not going to be as robust as was expected for 2014, and the country’s future prospects look a bit grey. This is not just because of the great uncertainty about the Mongolian legal environment, which has persisted since 2012. It is [...]

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Khovd Province honors intangible cultural heritage

Ikh Aksal dance is noted in history as the first dance that praised men, and is honored as the king of all Mongolian traditional dances. A monument dedicated to Ikh Aksal is being erected in Bulgan soum of Khovd Province. A resident of Khovd Province, B.Unenbat, first conceived the idea for the monument and decided [...]

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First Mongolian belly dance contest announced

A belly dance contest will be organized for the first time in Mongolia. The registration of the competition will continue from August 1 to September 1. Belly dancing originated in the Middle East and is developing rapidly in Asia. A world belly dance championship is held every year. Belly dancing has gained a lot of [...]

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Mohanik plays at Russian live music festival

Mohanik, a Mongolian band, will take part in V-Rox international music festival from August 29 to 31, in Vladivostok, Russia. Participants of the festival first submit a video of their performance to qualify for entry. Skindred (United Kingdom), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), and other famous rock bands [...]

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State Badminton Championship unfolds in Orkhon Province

For the 15th anniversary of the Mongolian Badminton Association, the 11th Adult State Badminton Championship will be hosted in Orkhon Province from August 9 to 11. Talented sport masters M.Zolzaya, M.Batdavaa, B.Batkhishig, B.Khuvituguldur, and J.Gerelsukh will take part in the tournament. The athletes prepared for the championship in Shangai, China, and Fukuoka, Japan. Nine-time champion [...]

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Hakuho Davaajargal leads July sumo tournament with 11 victories

Only three days are left until the July tournament of professional sumo wrestling in Japan, Nagoya basho, concludes. After the 12th day of the 15-day tournament, on July 24, Mongolian Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Hakuho M.Davaajargal secured his lead in the tournament with 11 victories after beating Ozeki (second highest rank) Kotoshyoogiku. Yokozuna Hakuho lost to [...]

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Ovoot coal to be supplied to Zavkhan Power Station

According to proactiveinvestors.com, Aspire Mining Ltd, registered with the Australian Stock Exchange, established a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) to sell up to 250,000 tons of oxidized (non-coking coal) coal per year to Zavkhan Power Station. Notably, this provides a potential revenue stream from a product that would otherwise be considered a waste material. Small [...]

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USD exchange rate remains unstable after 38.6 million USD supplied

Despite Mongolbank’s attempt to stabilize exchange rates, the rate of the MNT keeps decelerating. Mongolbank supplied 26.4 million USD and 10.6 million CNY (1.6 million USD) at their currency auction, and 10.6 million USD through a swap agreement on July 22. On the same day, the MNT-USD exchange rate at the Naiman Sharga currency exchange [...]

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More than 87,000 citizens to receive food coupons

For five years, the Government of Mongolia has implemented a food coupon program for citizens with income below the nation’s subsistence level. The Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection conducted a study to determine the subsistence level this year, and will grant 87,778 members of 15,137 families food coupons. With the monthly coupons, 10,000 [...]

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