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Update on accidents caused by recent rain and thunderstorm


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL Heavy rain and thunderstorm hit not only Arkhangai Province’s Khashaat soum, but also Ulaanbaatar and Tuv Province on Saturday night, leaving several houses roofless and one dead in lightning strike. The man who was struck by lightning was a 28-year-old and died on impact. Several children aged between six and 13 also [...]

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Cabinet meeting covers road projects, air pollution and more


Trans. by B.KHASH-ERDENE More than 20 issues, including road projects across the country, air pollution measures, import regulation, and preparations for winter, were discussed during last week’s cabinet meeting. During the meeting, Foreign Minister L.Bold approved the selection of a new Permanent Representative to the U.N. in association with Mongolia’s term heading the U.N. Environment [...]

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MH17: Mongolian students transferred from eastern Ukraine

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Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science will transfer both local and international students studying in Donetsk to other cities, citing “the current situation” as reasons for their transfer. Unuudur reports that students, several from Mongolia, will continue their studies elsewhere in the country for an unspecified time. The decision comes during the [...]

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Is the smart government an extractive club?


We celebrated our national holiday, Naadam, for an exceptionally lengthy time this year. This is the first time ever that a law was passed to extend the public holiday from three days to five days. Also, the 90th anniversary celebrations of more than 120 soums took place this year, causing a massive Naadam wave to [...]

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International throat singing festival takes place in Khovd Province


Trans. by D.SERGELEN An international throat singing competition was held on July 23, in Chandmani soum of Khovd Province, the birthplace of throat singing. Locals of the region initiated the idea to host the competition in Khovd Province. In addition to Mongolian artists, throat singers from the USA, Russian Federation, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Inner [...]

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International drivers to cross 4,000 km in Rally Mongolia 2014


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL The annual Rally Mongolia 2014 is set to start on August 10 and continue for eight days. International racers will cross 4,000 kilometers through Govisumber, Uvurkhangai and Arkhangai provinces to complete the rally. The rally is for both automobiles and motorcycles. The rally mostly crossed Gobi areas in previous years and since [...]

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T.Purevsukh: Musicians take up every possible job to sustain their livelihood


Trans. by B.DULGUUN  As part of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Mongolia-Swiss diplomatic relations and the 10th Anniversary of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) Agency in Mongolia, the SDC initiated the Agula Swiss-Mongolian joint music production in partnership with the Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM). Argabileg, an  ethno-jazz band from Mongolia, was selected [...]

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Mining adds 481.2 billion MNT to the State Budget


Trans. by B.MENDBAYAR The mining sector accounts for 18.5 percent of Mongolia’s gross domestic product (GDP), 66 percent of its industry, 83.2 percent of overall exports, 17.5 percent of contributions to the state budget and 81 percent of foreign investment. As of the first half of 2014, Mongolia’s mining industry exploited 479,900 tons of copper [...]

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New Tarbosaurus Bataar postage stamps released


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Mongol Post launched new postage stamps featuring Tarbosaurus Bataar at the Central Dinosaur Museum (CDM) on Thursday. The stamps are 25.5 х 34 mm and come in a range of values from 200 MNT to 1,000 MNT. Mongol Post artist Ch.Bat-Erdene drew the Bataar [...]

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Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird concludes his visit


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada John Baird returned home on Friday after a two-day visit to Mongolia. Baird paid a visit to the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, on Thursday and spoke about joint efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of Mongolia’s non-governmental organizations. This discussion began at the 7th Ministerial Conference of the [...]

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