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B.Bataa: Assaults and psychological damage caused by hate crimes should face more severe punishment

bataa hartsaga1

By M.Zoljargal The following is an interview with B.Bataa, Head of the Complaints and Inquiry Division of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), about moves to criminalize hate crimes in Mongolia We’re interested in knowing about the hate crime legislation in Mongolia, and how important it is to Mongolian society and protecting human rights. International [...]

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Where is the bond money?


By E.DARI The number of people is growing who are seeking  truthful answers to the question of whether the Chinggis bond money and money of the lately released Samurai bond has left, or not. This search might be causing serious trouble for N.Alyankhuyag’s cabinet. The present Government could give the impression to the public that [...]

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Kincora Copper resolves license issues with Mongolia

hagi 1

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Kincora Copper Limited announced that the Mongolian Ministry of Mining has proposed a “win-win solution” for all stakeholders to resolve disputes relating to the revocation of 106 mineral exploration licenses in late 2013. The proposal, which follows constructive face to face discussions with the ministry, is expected to be presented as a resolution [...]

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Public and private organizations to partner in “New Trade Street” project


By M.ZOLJARGAL The Ulaanbaatar City Governor and Bayangol District Governor are partnering up to implement a project on upgrading trade streets in third and fourth micro-districts, where many department stores and clothing shops are located, along the Ard Ayush and Enebish Avenues. Traffic congestion has become a permanent along the avenues as drivers park their [...]

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Mongolia to chair Online Freedom Coalition


By E.DARI The 4th Freedom Online Coalition Conference took place in Tallinn, Estonia between April 28 and 29 under the theme of Free and Secure Internet for All with the participation of around 400 high-level representatives from 60 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Oceania attending the conference. Representatives included 170 [...]

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Prime Minister receives Finance Minister of China Lou Jiwei


Finance Minister of China Lou Jiwei paid a two-day official visit to Mongolia on April 28 upon the invitation of Mongolian Finance Minister Ch.Ulaan. Within the frames of the visit Minister Lou Jiwei called on Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag. Beginning the meeting, N.Altankhuyag noted his satisfaction in the progress of the two country’s financial and economic [...]

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Ministry to oversee development of Asgat silver mine

tavan tolgoi hartsaga1

By B.KHASH-ERDENE During last week’s regular cabinet meeting, the Ministry of Mining was made responsible for the development of the Asgat silver mine. Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag was instructed to oversee the pre-feasibility studies at the mine and provide evaluations, professional and technical support, and make related contracts. The State Property Committee instructed Mongolrostsvetmet Ltd, [...]

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B.Munkhbaatar wins Baldorj Cup for the fourth time


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The seventh “Baldorj Cup” golf tournament was held on Saturday at the Ulaanbaatar 2 Hotel golf course in Terelj. The tournament was opened by Ch.Ganbold, President of the Mongolian Golf Association and member of the former band Ineemseglel. He commented that, “We tried very hard to organize this tournament, which precedes all other [...]

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Database on living standards presented to Government


By E.DARI The Minister for Population Development and Social Protection S.Erdene introduced the results of a study conducted to determine the living standards of households to the members of the Government. S.Erdene gave the responsibility to the relevant ministers to use the data collected in the result in developing policies. The survey was conducted in [...]

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Mongolia marks Generals’ Day

generaluud TUYA2

By M.ZOLJARGAL Today, April 28, marks Generals’ Day in Mongolia, a day dedicated to the rank of General. General is the highest title in the Mongolian military forces and only 160 military officials were granted the title over the past 70 years. The first people to officially become generals in Mongolian history, on April 28, [...]

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