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Mayor E.Bat-Uul speaks on UB’s current developments


By D.SERGELEN On March 17, Ulaanbaatar governor and City Mayor E.Bat-Uul, gave the public and the press information about construction work which will be implemented this year. We spoke with him for more details about this work. -When will the implementation of the Smart Ulaanbaatar project start? How much money will be spent in total? [...]

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Consultative meeting of Mongolia and Switzerland


By Kh.KHALIUN The third annual Consultative Meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and Switzerland was held in Bern, Switzerland on March 24. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Gankhuyag led Mongolian representatives and Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Assistant State Secretary for Asia Pacific, Beat Nobs, led Swiss representatives. During the meeting, [...]

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Wood species and crafts museum to open in Mongolia


By M.ZOLJARGAL “Let’s Plant Tree at Your Home” television program has initiated a project to establish a wood species and crafts museum in Mongolia. In total, 8.2 percent of Mongolian territory is covered by forests. However, most Mongolians know only few species of trees such as larch, fir, pine, poplar, cedar, aspen, saxaul and spruce. [...]

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Mongolia Economic Forum highlights scenarios for Mongolia through 2040

TUYA (3)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Mongolia’s biggest event on economic issues, the Mongolia Economic Forum, launched on Monday for the fifth time at the State Palace. The two-day event was opened by Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag, who remarked, “Last year, the forum discussed the creation of unique Mongolian brands, but this year, it will emphasize production in Mongolia with [...]

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Lead singer of Kharanga recieves State Honor


By B.TUNGALAG Top contributors of various sectors received the High Order of the State on March 21. Lead vocalist of the Kharanga band Kh.Lkhagvasuren received a State Honor, along with poet and director of the State Puppet Theater Ts.Khulan, composer D.Tsetserleg and singer N.Tumurkhuyag. Kh.Lkhagvasuren said, “I am very happy. I want to thank the [...]

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Kakuryu M.Anand becomes fourth Mongolian Sumo Grand Champion


By M.ZOLJARGAL Mongolian professional sumo wrestler, Ozeki (second highest rank) Kakuryu M.Anand won the spring tournament and was granted the title of Yokozuna, Grand Champion of Sumo, after winning his 14th victory on Sunday. After winning the tournament, M.Anand fulfils the conditions to become the fourth Mongolian and 71st Yokozuna in Japan’s sumo history. The [...]

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E.Tushig-Erdene: The judges were surprised, as it’s rare for a girl to play contrabass


By B.DULGUUN A  Mongolian female musician won the Grand Prix award at the International Music Festival in the USA. Her name is E.Tushig-Erdene, and she is a tenth grader studying at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia. E.Tushig-Erdene won the award in the contrabass category while competing at the International Music Festival for the [...]

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8,800 tons of seeds to be imported for spring sowing

tov jargalant oktyabr tarialalt (49)

By M.ZOLJARGAL Mongolia is planning to sow grain on 315,000 hectares of land, wheat on 304,000 hectares of land, and potato on 15,400 hectares of land this spring. Regarding the spring sowing, the parliament of Mongolia decided to exempt 20,000 tons of crop seed from customs tax and value added tax (VAT). Seeds will be [...]

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Two IMAX theaters coming to Mongolia


By B.KHASH-ERDENE IMAX Corporation and New Tour Safaris Co., Ltd., operator of Urgoo Cinemas, the largest theatrical exhibition and entertainment company in Mongolia, announced on Friday an agreement to install two IMAX theaters in Ulaanbaatar. With the agreement, IMAX will now have a presence in 58 countries worldwide. “We are delighted to join forces with [...]

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Water is our unvalued treasure


We do not attach any specific value to water because there is plenty of it today. However, one cannot even spend 24 hours without it. Any person who is dying of thirst in a desert will be willing to give up whatever valuables they have in exchange for a single cup of water. What should [...]

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