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S.Oyun: Yuruu and Mandal soum of Selenge Province weren’t granted permission to cut an excessive amount of trees

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By B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with the Minister of Environment and Green Development S.Oyun highlighting important aspects about the ministry’s activities and planned projects. -The Ministry of Environment and Green Development announced this year as the “year of information transparency.” What kind of activities will be conducted as part of this declaration? -Under [...]

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Khan files first quarter 2014 financial results and updates on lawsuit against Mongolia


By B.KHASH-ERDENE On Friday Khan Resources Inc. filed its financial statements and management’s discussion and analysis for the three months ended December 31, 2013. Khan has launched a 326 million USD international arbitration action against Mongolia for the illegal expropriation of its asset in January 2011. The international arbitration action is currently in process. “Khan [...]

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New school for 640 students opens in Baganuur District


By M.ZOLJARGAL A brand new two-story school for 640 children officially opened at Baganuur District on Saturday. The school was built for 3.5 billion MNT financed by a government initiative to improve public education. All furniture and tools for the school were purchased for 362,536 USD. Beginning in the third quarter of this academic year, [...]

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Russia takes medal count lead on the last day at Sochi


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Arguably, the most sensational and extravagant Winter Olympics – costing more than 50 billion USD (more than all previous Winter Olympics combined), closed in Sochi on Sunday. On the last day of the games, host country Russia climbed to the top of the medals table with a total of 32 two medals (12 [...]

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‘None for the Road’

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By MICHELLE BOROK Every first time visitor to Mongolia is struck by the road conditions and driving norms here. Long term residents learn to adapt to the dangers of driving, being a passenger in a vehicle and navigating the streets as a pedestrian – all equally terrifying endeavors. The Atlantic shared data from a recent [...]

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Wax museum opens in Mongolia

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 By B.TUNGALAG Everyone has heard of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, where visitors can pose for photos with wax renditions of historical icons, Hollywood stars and famous athletes. The sculptures are made of silicone wax suitable for all climates. In Mongolia there are a number of wax sculptures at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and the [...]

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Sports event for children with disabilities held at School No.55


A sports event was held at School No.55 of Ulaanbaatar, a special vocational training school for children with disabilities on February 19, reported News.mn. The event was organized and sponsored by Special Olympics Mongolia to introduce students and parents to the idea that everyone can participate in sporting activities and can compete to the best [...]

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Kharanga lead singer Kh.Lkhagvasuren releases his fifth album

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By G.UVDELMAA Kharanga rock band’s lead vocalist Kh.Lkhagvasuren released his fifth album “Mongol Eej” (Mongolian Mother). The album consist of 10 songs; “Mongol Eej,” “Ekhiin Ach,” “Suuger Butsen Burhan”, “Aziin Tsagaan Dagina” and other songs about mothers. Kh.Lkhagvasuren said that he will perform a concert on March 5 and 6 to celebrate the launch of [...]

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B. Arya: Anti-cancer vaccine that I developed will be used in the USA


By B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with the senior researcher of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology of the National Institute of the USA, B.Arya. He is the son of renowned scientist and academician PhD Sh.Bira of Mongolian Science and Ethnography.  -Where are you from originally and where did you receive your education? [...]

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The symptoms of social media addiction

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By U.ARIUNJARGAL “Last night one of the biggest internet and cable company’s network failed all over city and after a while my mother, father and sister greeted each other and had a conversation until the network came back on. That was cool because when I say something, my sister always says, ‘Don’t talk so much, [...]

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