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Aravt historical film to compete at International Film Festival in South Korea


By B.TUNGALAG Mongolian historical film Aravt will take part in an international film festival in South Korea this April. Around 100 artists have submitted films to the festival at present. Before competing with others in South Korea, the film, produced by D.Zolbayar, will make its premiere in Ulan-Ude, Russia on March 5 and later in [...]

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Mongolian Skier to compete at Sochi-2014 Winter Paralympics


By G.UVDELMAA The Mongolian national team will leave for Sochi on March 2 for the Winter 11th Paralympics. Skier B.Ganbold is representing Mongolia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympics. National team’s coach J.Dashdondog said, “Two years ago,  I first met B.Ganbold at an athletics competition. I introduced him to skiing and couched him myself. I [...]

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D.Nyamsuren: Kidney transplantation fee must be raised


By B.DULGUUN  The first kidney transplant procedure in 1996 by Mongolian doctors was unsuccessful. After ten years, State Honored Doctor L.Jambaljav and his colleagues from the Mongolian National Central Hospital No.1 successfully conducted a kidney transplant procedure. Currently, State Honored Doctor and Professor of Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic D.Nyamsuren is working as the head of [...]

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Goals for the golden years

tetgever hartsaga1 (1)

By Kh.KHALIUN Mongolia is home to about 218,700 elderly who are receiving a senior pension. According to reported data, 800 to 900 billion MNT is spent annually on pensions. The Mongolian Government spent an additional 90 billion MNT to increase senior pensions by 20 to 27 thousand MNT, this year. However, elders weren’t pleased with [...]

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The making of famous socks

By U.ARIUNJARGAL Two years ago, over 300 special Anti-Corruption Agency officers apprehended former president N.Enkhbayar after he came home, for an arrest based on corruption charges. At dawn, black-masked officers entered his home and carried him outside, holding him in the air by his legs and arms and taking him to prison. At that time, [...]

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FDI drops 36 percent in January


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The Central Bank of Mongolia issued a preliminary report on balance payments for January 2014 earlier this week. According to the bank, their current account deficit stands at 75.5 million USD, which is a decrease of 79 percent or 284.8 million USD on a year on year basis. The results were impacted by [...]

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State issues ban on travel to Sainshand and Zamyn-Uud


By M.ZOLJARGAL The state has prohibited travels of all transportation with less than five tons of load from Bagakhangai District of Ulaanbaatar to Sainshand and Zamyn-Uud soums in Dornogovi Province as they are currently focus areas of foot and mouth disease. As of Wednesday, over 2,900 cattle were diagnosed with foot and mouth disease in [...]

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Mongolian and Chinese gang of antique smugglers caught in the act

hileer huraagdsan zuils TUYA3

By M.ZOLJARGAL Early this week, Border Intelligence Division (BID) officials of the General Authority for Border Protection caught a Mongolian woman at Zamyn-Uud soum auto checkpoint carrying historically significant artifacts and goods with the intent to smuggle them to China. The found artifacts were mostly dedicated to Buddhist religious rites and customs. There were ceramic [...]

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Mongolian political jokes: Chicken or the egg?


By U.ARIUNJARGAL Once, a train full of parliament members was in an accident. When police and investigators came, the local people told them that everyone had already been buried. The police asked, “They all died?” The local people said, “Some of them said they weren’t dead, and tried to prove they were alive, but parliament [...]

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Can we achieve competitiveness?


The private sector is the main engine that drives the economy forward. The core of the private sector is the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which employ the largest number of people. Definitions could vary country to country, but SMEs are mostly defined by the number of their employees and the amount of their annual [...]

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