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Residential town for 567 households opens near airport

buyant uhaaa horoolol hartsaga3

By M.ZOLJARGAL Buyant Ukhaa-1 housing project’s first five apartments for 567 households officially opened on Monday in the 9th khoroo of Khan-Uul District near Chinggis Khaan international airport. The town was built to supply reasonably priced apartments for people of average income. The project includes 28 nine-story buildings for 1,764 households in total, with heated [...]

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11-11 center continues to receive calls about social concerns

By E.DARI The “11 11″ governmental hotline received messages from 1,085 people this week. Sixty-six percent of the calls and messages were focused on social issues. Some callers inquired about hospitals with cervical cancer treatment available, and others complained about the poor quality of medicine provided through the health insurance fund. Pensioners, on the occasion [...]

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Unhealthy health insurance system


The health insurance law is currently being discussed by the parliament and is going to be amended for the tenth time since the democratic revolution. The age that we are living in requires this law to be seen with respect to not only current health financing but also the expected sweeping reforms of the Mongolian [...]

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Luck Exhibition


By B.TUNGALAG Luck was unveiled at Blue Moon Art Gallery on January 20. The joint exhibition will close on February 2, so hurry and catch it while you can. The exhibition celebrates Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year), and features pieces related to Mongolian traditions and customs. About 40 artworks by ten artists are displayed in [...]

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O.Burmaa wins gold at Yarygin Grand Prix


By M.ZOLJARGAL On Saturday, State Honored Athlete O.Burmaa won a gold medal in the women’s 75 kg weight division at the Ivan Yarygin Memorial Grand Prix, one of the biggest freestyle wrestling tournaments in the world. The Grand Prix continued for three days and concluded on Sunday in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. In the semi-finals, O.Burmaa, who [...]

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N.Nandinbold: Robots will become a crucial part of our future


By B.DULGUUN Samsung Electronics Telecommunication Network R&D Center plays a major role in not only South Korea but also in the world’s information technology. Four proud Mongolians work in this world’s leading company, where only the most brilliant and creative minds from all over the world are accepted. N.Nandinbold, one of the four Mongolian programmers [...]

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Mongolia’s biggest coal event coming in February

hashaad TUYA2

By B.KHASH-ERDENE The fourth international Coal Mongolia conference will be held on February 20 and 21 at the SS Club. Coal Mongolia has been expanding rapidly every year. The primary objectives of the event are to bring international investors into the Mongolian coal sector; to introduce the most advanced, environmentally friendly technologies in the coal [...]

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Buildings 17-stories or more undergo safety inspections

barilga TUYA3

By M.ZOLJARGAL The State Specialized Inspection Agency (SSIA) began inspecting 17-story and higher buildings and construction projects in Ulaanbaatar on January 22, to prevent on-site accidents. On Friday, projects in the Zaisan Hill area in Khan-Uul District were inspected, while tall buildings next to Tengis Cinema underwent inspection on Saturday. Below is a brief interview [...]

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Hakuho seizes 28th career title after a tie-breaker


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Mongolian Sumo Grand Champion Hakuho Davaajargal won a tie-breaker against fellow Mongolian Ozeki (second highest title) Kakuryu Anand on Sunday, securing his 28th career title in the January tournament. “Hakuho lived up to his status as grand champion of the sport by demolishing the Ozeki in their second go. The Yokozuna completed the [...]

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Lunar New Year-Mending Fences

By B.ICHINKHORLOO January will melt into February soon. The Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 1, and families and relatives will gather at the home of the eldest to show respect, share food and catch up with distant relatives. An important part of the Lunar New Year celebration is the preparation, which involves [...]

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