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Mongolia explores oil shale for energy security

By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group Extensive oil shale reserves could reduce Mongolia’s dependence on imported energy, but there is some uncertainty over whether its deposits are commercially viable. Mongolia imports around 90 percent of its oil needs, with the majority coming from Russia. This imposes a high cost on the economy – the [...]

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New Government for Changes and new connection with the people

By B.ICHINKHORLOO Service oriented government that addresses and resolves the concerns of the people quickly is crucial for a developing country. Right behind the Government Palace, there is an old building, Irgediig Huleen Avah Bair (Public Reception Office), that has an office for registration and appointments for those who need to meet with someone in [...]

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X-Tuts wins online poll for Best Comedy Group


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Mongolia’s leading comedy group, X-Tuts won the “Best of Mongolia 2013” award after a public poll by khunnu.mn. X-Tuts’ latest stage show “Tergel Sarny Ineed” (Laughter of the Crescent Moon), staged around 30 times, was highly praised by audiences and critics in Mongolia due to its innovative new structure. Co-director and X-Tuts actor [...]

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L.Molomjamts wins Crystal Cup


The 31st Bolor Tsom (Crystal Cup), a poetry competition, was held in Arvaikheer soum of Uvurkhangai Province, home town of Labor Hero and celebrated writer D.Purevdorj who founded the competition, to commemorate his 80th birthday. Poet L.Molomjamts won this year’s Crystal Cup with 18 points, followed by O.Tsend-Ayush. L.Molomjamts previously won second place in the [...]

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Three Mongolian boxers to fight for silver at Asian Youth Championship


By B.TUNGALAG The Asian Youth Boxing Championship began in Bangkok, Thailand on January 25. Boxers from 16 countries including Mongolia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, South Korea and Uzbekistan are competing in the Asian Youth Boxing Championship this year. The Mongolian national boxing team includes D.Munkh-Erdene in the 49 kg, E.Tsendbaatar in the 52 kg, B.Misheelt [...]

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O.Altangerel: A unified prison will save 2.6 billion MNT in maintenance costs

Altangerel Amgaa

By B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with the Head of the Department of Policy of the Ministry of Justice, O.Altangerel about the new structural changes in police departments and the unified prison in Bayanzurkh. -Police forces were expecting “everything to change” on  January 1. Not long has passed since then. What kind of structural [...]

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How do big and small businesses react to the government?


By U.ARIUNJARGAL Start bravely, but without knowledge Ulzii said that the main reason for the bankruptcy of her company was the more than 20 percent annual interest of her bank loan. First, she used the value of her real estate, a two-room apartment, for a 30 million tugrik loan that was dedicated to her business [...]

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Ministers to attend Mongolian Investment Summit in London


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The second annual Mongolia Investment Summit will take place in London from April 29 to May 2. Mongolian state news agency, Montsame reported that Mongolian ministers and officials from mining, energy, real estate and finance will take part in the event. The Mongolian delegation will include Minister of Construction and Urban Development Ts.Bayarsaikhan; [...]

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Trolleybus fare increases to 300 MNT

nu1 (413)

By M.ZOLJARGAL On Tuesday, Ulaanbaatar City Transportation Authority held a press conference and announced that Tsakhilgaan Teever LLC is increasing its trolleybus fare from 200 MNT to 300 MNT. The trolleybuses charged 400 MNT since Saturday until Monday, but the fare is now officially set at 300 MNT. When asked about the reason for the [...]

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‘Life Skills-Guidance of Success’ training provided to 12,000 citizens

By E.DARI It has been a year since the Individual Development Institute was established and the program “Life Skills-Guidance of Success” was implemented. Even though the institute, which conducts training to change the attitude and relations of individuals, organizations, business development and management, planned to conduct training sessions for 20 thousand people over four years, [...]

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