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‘Wind of Mongolia’ shows beauty of nature

  Leading Cultural Worker Ts.Narangerel will release his solo exhibition named “Wind of Mongolia” from August 30 to September 13 at the Tsagaandarium Art Gallery. The exhibition will consist of the artist’s brand new works of art which show the beauty of Mongolian nature and the country’s unique natural formations. The opening ceremony of the [...]

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‘Uvertura’ to perform in a concert


Mongolian pop opera group “Uvertura” is expected to perform in a concert. They are well-known for their songs “Unu Munkh Oron (Eternal Mongolia),” Tsagiin Ays (Mood of the Time),”and ”Khaluun Elgen Nutag.” The group is planning to hold their concert in September. “Uvertura” has had concerts in several countries and they have proven just how [...]

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Judokas leave for World Judo Championship


By B.Tungalag Judokas of the Mongolian national team left for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to take part in the World Judo Championship, which will run from August 26 to September 1.   This year’s championship will take place in accordance with an amended rule passed by the International Judo Federation in which a participant-country is [...]

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Visualizing “Color without Color”


By B.Tungalag A.Ochirbold, prized sculptor of the Union of Mongolian Artists, opened his solo exhibition “Color without Color” on August 19, at the Exhibition Hall of Union of Mongolian Artists. The exhibition is available for view for only three days and closes on August 22. The sculptures in exhibition were created in steel. The pieces [...]

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‘Temuulen’ solo exhibition released

  Painter R.Temuulen is ready to release his solo exhibition named “Temuulen” on August 19 at the Red Ger Art Gallery of Khaan Bank. He creates his artworks in the realist genre. Artist R.Temuulen lives in Etajima, Hiroshima, Japan. He revealed a number of solo and joint exhibitions in Tokyo and Niigata. He brought artworks [...]

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D.Bold to release new album

“Bold Unplugged Night” of State Awarded singer Bold was held in Vegas Club on August 18. This autumn’s opening concert was for students and the youth in connection with the new academic year. He performed his hit songs by playing the guitar and drums during this show. The winners of the “Camerton 2” show also [...]

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‘Mongolian Woman’s Marriage Custom’performance to be run

By B.Tungalag Artists of the State Academic Dramatic Theatre stated that they will perform a theatrical show for tourists. The performance is entitled “Mongolian Woman’s Marriage Custom”and starts from August 18. The script of this theatrical show was written by Merit Art Worker Sh.Gurbazar. Artist B.Tuvshin is working as its director. The show’s purpose is [...]

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Introducing another Mongolian brand: ‘Tsolo Munkh’


By B.ANU A daughter of State Honored art worker and artist D.Munkh, M.Tsolmandakh, is making history in the fashion world. She lives in France and, in 2010, won the Public Award of the Hyeres International Fashion and Photography Festival. She is called “Tsolo” in the industry and is also well-known by her “Tsolo Munkh” brand. [...]

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Z.Tushigtur wins bronze medal

first from the right Z.Tushigtur

By B.Tungalag The Second Asian Youth Games are being held in Nanjing, China from August 16 to 24. Mongolian junior athletes who are participating in this international tournament won their first medal on August 17. Judokas were responsible for this success with Z.Tushigtur of the “Temuujin” club winning the bronze medal. He competed in the men’s 55 kg, beating judokas from [...]

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T.Khaltar: Hackers do not have accountability in Mongolia’s criminal law


By B.ANU Journalists have recently interviewed Head of the Mongolian Center against Cyber Attacks T.Khaltar on the issues of hacking and information security in Mongolia. -        It is believed that hackers are saboteurs. Why are these people considered “bad”? -        A hacker is someone who enters your computer system and network illegally. These people came [...]

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