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Candy Addicts: Using literature as a predictor, and a remedy, for what ails us


By Christine Leonard Westgate On break from work, I headed out for a snack. Easier said than done, despite putting aside my vegan lifestyle while in Mongolia. Across the street from The UB Post offices is a community building for the promotion of sport and physical health. But as I walked down the neighborhood’s plaza [...]

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Sh.Batkhuu: Contract with ‘Mongol Gazar’ was my biggest mistake

hadgalamj banknii asuudlaarh hural G.Erdenetuya

By B.ANU Sh.Batkhuu recently spoke to journalists regarding the latest financial headlines. He handed over Khadgalamj Bank to the government, gave up Just Group, and disembodied its subsidiaries. He said he became a citizen several days ago. -Why did you resign your savings bank to the government? Please, tell us what the situation was when [...]

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Nothing beats traveling with locals

Khongoriin Els "Singing" sand dunes, Gobi desert, Mongolia

By JERICK AGUILAR “Visit the Gobi Desert,” said my most traveled friend when I told him that I was going to work and live in Mongolia. What famous landmarks are to various countries around the world – like the Statue of Liberty is to America, the Eiffel Tower to France, and the Pyramids of Giza [...]

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Triathlon State Championship taking place in Arkhangai Province

  The Triathlon State Championship, organized by the Mongolian Triathlon Union, will start on July 27, at Ugiinuur, Arkhangai Province. The competition will operate according to the rules of the International Triathlon Union. The competition will be organized in four classes, namely male, female, boys and amateurs. The purpose of this competition is to promote [...]

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B.Dulmaa named “Asian Top Model”


The International Professional Supermodel Contest was held in Nanning, China. This Asian supermodel contest is considered one of the biggest events in the world of international fashion. Models from Mongolia’s Shilmel Zagvar fashion center participated in the contest which was organized on June 28 to July 14. Three top models from every Asian country can [...]

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“Visual Moon” plays China


Mongolia’s first J-rock (Japanese rock) and Visual Kie genre band, “Visual Moon” left for Beijing, China on July 24, to participate in a music festival. The band will return in mid-August, after taking a part in the festival held on August 2 to 5 and performing for Chinese Visual Kei fans. Visual Kei is distinguished [...]

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T.Bilguun: I feel the beauty of nature in my heart when I close my eyes and sing khuumii.

New Image6

By B.Tungalag Here is a brief interview with throat singer, T.Bilguun, who is only 13 years old. He is studying at 7th General Education School and he sings khuumii (throat singing) as a professional artist. He took part in the 35th anniversary celebration concert, “Friendship” at the International Center and promoted the Mongolian ethnic art. [...]

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China’s Shanxi Province in calligraphy and color


By B.Tungalag On July 23, artists from the Shanxi Province of the People’s Republic of China opened an exhibition including calligraphy and paintings, at the Chinese Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar. The paintings mostly depict the life of locals and the natural beauty of Shanxi Province. Palm trees and mud houses on a mountain top show [...]

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“Windy Moon”


By B.Tungalag An intriguing and unique exhibition opened at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery on July 22. The exhibition, titled “Windy Moon”, was the artist, D.Ankhbayar’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition included amazing sculptures and an installation. He broached sensual themes and created erotic sculptures, such as the scarlet-colored “Mood”, “Sex” and “Brave”, cast [...]

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Ulaanbaatar hosts Wrestling FILA Cadet Asian Championships 2013


By M.ZOLJARGAL   Mongolian athletes wrestle with foreign wrestlers in Greco-Roman style for the first time   Wrestling FILA Cadet Asian Championships 2013 began in Ulaanbaatar yesterday, and will take place until July 28 at Buyant Ukhaa Sports Venue. Over 350 athletes, between the ages of 8 to 15, competing in 30 weight classifications from [...]

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