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The unique features of the 6th Presidential Election of Mongolia

  2013 Presidential Election By E.DARI The 2013 Presidential Election Campaign has officially started on May 22, in which three candidates received their mandates to run for president. They were officially registered by the General Election Commission to run in the 6th Presidential Election in Mongolia. They are Ts.Elbegdorj, the current President of Mongolia, from [...]

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Bundestag Vice-President pays official visit to Mongolia


By E.DARI Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold received on Friday a German delegation headed by Vice-President of the Bundestag Eduard Oswald. They are paying an official visit to Mongolia until May 30. Z.Enkhbold stressed during their meeting that the visit led by Vice-President Oswald proves that the mutual cooperation between the two countries’ legislative bodies [...]

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Governmental meeting resolves around 20 issues

By E.DARI Government officials discussed and resolved some 20 issues in its meeting held last Saturday. Tobacco production, import, and service to be controlled The ordinance on tobacco control regulates the production, import, sale, and service of tobacco, and includes the specific arrangement between the entities which serve tobacco and the organization which will supervise [...]

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Limping Economy – Part II


In my previous article, I pointed out that there is a surplus of capital on one side of the river and a lack of capital on the other side. If we manage to create financial infrastructure that will serve as a bridge connecting the two sides of the river, we will be able to fix [...]

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Over The Valley, into Ulaanbaatar

By Dashiell Young-Saver When my plane first passed over Ulaanbaatar, after traveling above miles of desert and countryside from the Beijing airport into a land I knew next-to-nothing about, I could think of only one thing: The Valley. “The Valley” is both a loving and not-so-loving term Southern California residents use to refer to the [...]

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Different Origins, Same Destination


By JERICK AGUILAR When one of my best friends was here a couple of months ago, I wanted to take him to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. But given the unfortunate incident of his flight to Ulaanbaatar getting delayed not for hours but for days, he did not have enough time in Mongolia – so the better [...]

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Bundestag Vice-President pays official visit

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Mongolia in 2014, the German delegation headed by Vice-President of the Bundestag Eduard Oswald is paying an official visit to Mongolia from May 24 to 30. According to the Press, Media, and Public Communications Department of [...]

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Poland to launch projects here worth thousands of euros


E.DARI Within the framework of the official visit of Speaker (Marshal) of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz here, a signing ceremony of four projects was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday. This ceremony was attended by the Minister of Nature, Environment, and Green Development and the Head of a Mongolian foundation for [...]

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Austria to cooperate in increasing renewable energy source

sonompil said

By E.DARI The Minister of Energy, M.Sonompil, is paying a working visit to Austria at the invitation of its Federal Minister of Economy, Family, and Youth, Reinhold Mitterlehner. The counterparts held a meeting yesterday to discuss the economy and the energy sector of Mongolia, particularly the issue of renewable energy. During the meeting, Minister Mitterlehner [...]

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Presidential Election officially begins


By E.DARI On Wednesday, the General Election Commission (GEC) presented candidates with mandates to run in the 2013 presidential election. Granting mandates to the candidates marks the official start of the election campaign. The first candidate to receive the election mandate was Ts.Elbegdorj, nominee of the Democratic Party (DP). He arrived at the central office [...]

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