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President attends Nauryz event

nauriz Amgaa

By M.ZOLJARGAL To celebrate Nauryz (Nowruz), a holiday observed by the Kazakh people every year on March 22, the day of the spring equinox, a ceremony and exhibition were held at Sukhbaatar Square yesterday. President Ts.Elbegdorj participated in the event. The Chief of the Standing Committee on State Structure and the Chief of the Bayan-Ulgii [...]

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Ulaanbaatar might run out of water by 2015


By M.ZOLJARGAL A consultative meeting titled “The Queen River Tuul and Ulaanbaatar’s Fate” was held on March 20 to discuss the limited water resources in Ulaanbaatar and the measures needed to address impending water shortages. According to the meeting participants, Ulaanbaatar will begin to face severe water shortages in 2015. The consultation was organized by [...]

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Names and signs must be in Cyrillic or national script


By M.ZOLJARGAL In accordance with a decision taken by the Ulaanbaatar City Government in February, city district governors have begun enacting Resolution 37, which requires that entity names, signs and commercial billboards must be written only in Cyrillic or in the national Mongolian script. The resolution applies to both governmental and non-governmental entities. Those entities [...]

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Mongolian Airlines is not MIAT, says AFCCR

mongolian airlines fokker

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Rights (AFCCR) has written to the owners of Mongolian Airlines stating that the name of their airline, “Mongolian Airlines” has led citizens to mistake the airline with MIAT Mongolian Airlines and has noted that Mongolian Airlines is in violation of articles 12.1.2, 12.1.3 of the Competition [...]

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Information center for the deaf launched


By M.ZOLJARGAL On Tuesday the Mongolian National Association of the Deaf held an inauguration ceremony to launch the Information Center for the Deaf (ICD). According to the Public Communication Division of the ICD, the center will enable deaf people and those with hearing impairments to access information in text and sign language, and to access [...]

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Citizens demand alcohol restrictions

By M.ZOLJARGAL According to government authorities, many of the comments received at the11-11 call centre set up to collect comments about the new Tobacco Control Law have been about alcohol, not only tobacco, with many citizens demanding that the government amend the Alcohol Law to restrict the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Since the [...]

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Youth take the Oath of Patriots


By M.ZOLJARGAL To honor Soldier’s Day and the 92nd Anniversary of the Mongolian Armed Forces, Chinggeltei District held an event titled “Home Country-Holder of Independence” at Independence Square on Saturday. At the event over 180 youth took the “Oath of Patriots.” The Governor of Chinggeltei District, D.Ganbold, said at the event, “Delegates of the next [...]

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Drug smugglers lose appeal

By M.ZOLJARGAL Attorneys Z.Khurelsukh and J.Purevlkham have revealed that they have lost the appeal they launched on behalf of two people who were convicted in January this year for attempting to smuggle drugs into Mongolia. Earlier this year, the Khan Uul District Court sentenced Philippines woman, Teresi Bendo, and Mongolian citizen, E.Altantuya, to 18 years [...]

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American biologists to embark on wolverine quest


By M.ZOLJARGAL A group of American wildlife biologists from the University of Montana arrived in Mongolia on March 19 and are set to embark on a quest to search for wolverines in the wilds of Mongolia. The team aims to travel over 650 kilometers in the northern region and Darkhadiin Khotgor by ski, searching for [...]

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D.Bat-Erdene: The nation and government are grateful to the Armed Forces

By. B. BYAMBADORJ The Honorable D.Bat-Erdene, MP and Minister of Defense, has accepted our invitation for an interview and spoke on a wide range of issues from defense reform to international peacekeeping commitments of the Mongolian Armed Forces. -Mr. Minister, you recently returned from South Sudan, accompanying President Elbegdorj who visited the Mongolian troops serving [...]

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