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The Falcon has Landed


By E.DARI The government of Mongolia identified the Saker Falcon as the national bird in November, making Mongolia the 88th country in the world that has a national bird. Falcon is also one of the national symbols of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Mongolia and Abu Dhabi are engaged in one of the largest conservation [...]

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L. Dugerjav: Antarctica is the refrigerator that cools down the earth


By B.BYAMBADORJ A Mongolian person is about to set foot on the South Pole (South Geographic Pole of Earth), which is the southernmost point on earth. This person is Ph.D. L. Dugerjav, a professor at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. He works at an expedition team that travels to and studies Antarctica. The [...]

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The Mos Valuable Thing in The World is The Human Race


By B.TUNGALAG How a masterpiece of portrait can influence the audience? The value of a portrait is in showing the uniqueness through appearance, and letting people to look inside. The value of the good portrait is saved throughout the ages and remains as a classic. N.Gunchinsuren, one of the artists who want to eternize present [...]

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President Grants Awards to Wrestlers

buh hartsaga1

By B.TUYA The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj awarded State Honorary Medals and prizes to selected wrestlers, coaches and commentators last week. The awards were given for outstanding wrestling performances and dedication to the Mongolian traditional wrestling sports. The President’s Trophy was awarded to State Champion S.Munkhbat, who won the Traditional Wrestling Tournament dedicated to the [...]

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The Hong Kong lesson


December 12, 2012 The clearer the outlook for our future development, the faster and more efficient it will be for us to achieve. Every single task has to be planned this way in order to ensure better results. How then do we see our future economic development? We dream of living in a nice, peaceful, [...]

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Colder than average winter approaches

tsas TUYA

By B.BYAMBADORJ Around 70 percent of Mongolian territory is currently covered in snow. The Environmental Information Center (EIC) of Mongolia reports that there have been severe snow storms in rural areas in the past few weeks which resulted in a large area being covered in snow. It seems that the situation will only get worse [...]

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Coal and Development in Asia

editorial paul

By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University Coal was one of the driving forces of the start and development of the Industrial Revolutions in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the United States and more in the mid-18th and 19th centuries. With the invention of the steam engine, steam boats and more the world changed drastically. The steam [...]

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UFO to cover songs of Adele, Coldplay and David Guetta


By B.ODONTUYA UFO, a Mongolian band, will present a special show at the Brix Club on Saturday, December 15. The band’s manager E. Erdenemunkh answered some questions about the upcoming concert. -What will be different about this show compared to other shows? -UFO will meet its fans for the first time since winning third place [...]

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70th anniversary Union of Mongolian Artists


By B.TUNGALAG Established in 1942, the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA)is the largest, national, non-profit, arts organization, which aims to promote Mongolian fine art and art crafts. The UMA is a member of International Association of Art (IAA) and International Organization of Folk Art (IOV/IOFA), a division of UNESCO. The main goal of the UMA [...]

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Sh. Gombodorj: I like doing a victory lap as a gift for my fans


By B.BYAMBADORJ The following interview is with Sh. Gombodorj, Master of off-road racing. Any off-road racing fan in Mongolia would recognize him – “a race without Gombodorj and D. Boldbaatar is so boring,” fans would say. Gombodorj used to always come along with his father Sharkhuu who is a Mongolian State Honored Driver (Transporter). Gombodorj [...]

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