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President visits reindeer family


By E.DARI The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj spent the longest night of the year in the tent of reindeer herder family, the minority of the Mongolian nationality. The President arrived in the reindeer herder’s tribe who are wintering in the Eastern Taiga territory of Tsagaannuur soum, Khuvsgul province on December 22nd. In 1985 the government [...]

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The Dream Theatre – the best of 2012


The Dream Theatre, consisting of a younger generation of per­formers, held its opening ceremony with their debut dramatic act — My Secret Son (Minii Nuuts Khuu), which received critical acclaim from the public. It is a work derived from Alexande rVampilov’s play “Elder Son”which was first performed in 1969. The debut was attended by many [...]

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Weight loss campaign benefits many

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Ulaanbaatar Health Authority (UHA) recently implemented a weight loss campaign titled “Lose weight with your colleagues”, targeting people in the workplace. The campaign coordinator of the UHA, S.Dulmaa, participated in an interview. -Why did the campaign encourage people to lose weight with their colleagues? -Those who wish to lose weight are often [...]

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I Really Love Music That is Why Somehow I Just Try to Buy Rare Albums and Tapes


By B.TUNGALAG Amazing and exciting exhibition named “Are you ready?” by the painter and freelance artist D. Batbileg was opened on December 12 at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery. This is his third exhibition. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Mr E. Bat-Uul, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar gave opening speech with guest performance by [...]

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Mongolia: Property – bubble or boom?


By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group Confidence that Mongolia’s resource wealth will generate unprecedented expansion in its real estate market has seen prices rise and many of Ulaanbaatar’s prime properties snapped up. However, the experience of other countries that have had similar resource-related property growth suggests it may not last forever. In September, Export [...]

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The Hunt for Genghis Khan’s Tomb

genghis khan

For centuries historians and treasure seekers have searched for the burial site of history’s most famous conqueror. New findings offer compelling evidence that it’s been found In the eight hundred years since his death, people have sought in vain for the grave of Genhis Khan, the 13th-century conqueror and imperial ruler who, at the time [...]

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Why is Asia important to the United States?


By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University Asia has 60 percent of the world’s population. The most populous nations on earth can be found there. China has about 1.3 billion people. India is not far behind with 1.25 billion, and will catch up to it by about 2030. The U.S. population of about 314 million is not [...]

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Best young politicians and economists recognized

2012-12-13 Zh

By E.DARI The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj received on December 13th the best politicians and economists awarded by the “Next stop” awards which picks out the top and best politicians and economists of the year. The “Next Stop” awards have being organized under the cooperation of “Mongolian Youth Federation” and “Young Leader” Foundation. This year [...]

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Cheap homes for young couples

said hartsaga5

By M.ZOLJARGAL On December 12 the Prime Minister of Mongolia, N.Altankhuyag, announced a policy to provide cheap apartments for young couples. His announcement was made during his visit to “Zaluus Apartment Town” at Yarmag. N.Altankhuyag noted that the Innovation Government is fighting the rise in apartment prices. He pledged to focus on granting land at [...]

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Government approves programme to support construction material production

barilga TUYA1

By B.KHASH-ERDENE On yesterday’s meeting of the government, the programme to support construction material production has been approved. The government has included in its agenda for 2012-2016 a plan to produce enough construction material such as cement, steel, glass and insulation material to fully supply domestic demand within the period. The construction material production has [...]

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