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Gec Has not Yet Announced Official Attendance Result

Songuuli AMGAA (2)

By E.DARI Mongolians voted for the Local Administrative Elections nationwide on November 21th from 7am until 10pm in accordance with the law on Election. The official result of the 2012 Local Administrative Election has not yet been released. But, in compliance with the law on Election, the official summary of the election should be delivered [...]

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Mongolia: Filling energy deficit


By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group Plans for a large power plant near Ulaanbaatar underline how Mongolia’s surging growth in resource revenues can be used to meet looming energy shortfalls in urban areas. However, more innovative sources are needed to supply power to the rural expanses of the country’s steppes. In September, a group [...]

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The Cliffs of Dysfunction

By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University In the late hours of the evening or the early hours in the morning when I am not writing or reading the news I often read about the great leaders of the past and the events, problems, crises and more they had to deal with. Many may disagree with the [...]

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The Light Color


By B.TUNGALAG Born in 1984, L.Orgilbold, graduated from School of Fine Art and Technology. I saw an exhibition named “Light Color-2” at the Union of Mongolian Artists. When I saw his exhibition it was certain that he drawfrom a study of the natural. He has participated in a lot of exhibitions abroad. “Light color” is [...]

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K. Nominjin: I do not miss my home as much because it is always on my mind

Nominjin- I Am a Vegetarian, PAP- 300

By B.BYAMBADORJ K. Nominjin is a Mongolian singer who performs in the United States. She has recently come back to her home country to perform a play with stage performers from MituTheatre of New York. Translated from Udriin Sonin Newspaper. -You have come to your country with an ambition of becoming an actress. What is [...]

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S.Damdinsuren: Refusing to wear fur clothing is a form of protecting animal rights


By B.ODONTUYA The following is an interview with S.Damdinsuren, the head of the Mongolian Foundation for Protection of Animal Rights. -What exactly is an animal right? How is the animal rights protection in Mongolia? -Every animal has its natural right. For example, they have natural rights to; choose their habitation, find their food, reproduce, be [...]

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Susan Fox: There is no other place like the Land of Blue Skies

Susan Fox with Janna Kamimila,  Director of ArtiCour Gallery

By Allyson Seaborn American artist Susan Fox lives on the north coast of California, but has come to Mongolia seven out of the last eight years for long visits. Although not an expat in the true sense of the word, she’s no tourist and has been to more parts of Mongolia than most of us. [...]

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New Law effective on January to increase Real Estate Property Tax


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The new law that will increase the Real Estate Property Tax for profit based organizations is to be effective starting January 1, 2013. The law will cover all real estate and property used for production and services and the tax will vary from 0.6 – 1 percent depending on its zone location. “If [...]

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Power Substation #50 Not Able To Cope With Load

ded stants

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Reports of power outages in Regions and Districts have increased. In some instances, two to three power outages have become normal and are becoming an issue. We have interviewed the Head of the Ulaanbaatar Electrical Network, S.Tumurkhuu, regarding this issue. -Lately, power outagesare becoming a regular occurrence. What is the cause? -In the [...]

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Local Election takes place nationwide

songuuli TUYA1

By E.DARI Today is the day of the Local Administrative Election. It was decided to announce the Election Day as national holiday so that the residents can attend the election voting for the candidates. The election voting is being held between 7am and 10pm nationwide in the sub-electoral districts. 2,370 electoral sub-commissions were establishedwhich are [...]

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