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Mongolia becomes the 57th participant Organization for OSCE


                    By B.KHASH-ERDENE E.DARI The OSCE Secretary General, Lamberto Zannier was welcomed on 22 November 2012 by the Permanent Representative of Mongolia, E.Jargalsaikhan, to the OSCE, following the decision for the country to become the Organization’s 57th participating State. “Mongolia’s successful application demonstrates that our organization [...]

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Crossing The Street in UB Should not be an Adventure Sport

By Elizabeth Bryning When I moved to UB I knew I was in for some excitement, but I didn’t know that I would soon embark on a new adventure sport: street crossing. Let me make something clear. I don’t like adventure sports. I don’t want to dangle from a bridge by an ankle, I refuse [...]

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Australian model of development


November 14, 2012 Time to look forward, not backward For the past 20 years Mongolians have been carrying out the social and economic changes to strengthen the nationaldemocracy and create a market economy. To create a market economy means to followthe free marketprinciples in every actionin order to set a free price at the crosspoint [...]

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Speed Skaters Set New Records


By B.TUYA Mongolian Speed Skating Team had successfully competed in the Canada Open Cup in Calgary, Canada. International Sports Master, D.Delgermaa, competed in the four Distance Classes in the tournament. She set a new Mongolian record of 42.23 seconds in the 500 Meter placing 24th among 91 athletes, she also ran 1.24.59 seconds in 1,000 [...]

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Hollywood director Jean-Jacques Annaud visits Mongolia


By B.ODONTUYA Famous film director and producer Jean-Jacques Annaud, known by Mongolians by his films ‘Seven years in Tibet’ starring Brad Pitt, ‘Enemy at the Gates’, ‘Black Gold’ and others, has come to Mongolia. Jean-Jacque Annuad paid a visit to the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, yesterday. He expressed his gratitude to meet the president and [...]

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Movie review Silent Hill Revelation 3D


By Nicholas Campbell Silent Hill is a series of survival horror video games that has reached a large popularity with the main media as well as fan bases. There have been a various number of games in the Silent Hill series, continuing the story from the first game to the last. The game series reached [...]

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Teenage Suicide on the Rise


By Dr Vanessa Jones Clinical Psychologist An increasing number of teenagers are admitted to hospital with self-poisoning every year. They are trying to kill themselves. Suicide is the ninth most common cause of death in Mongolia. In 2010, The World Health Organisation found there were more deaths by suicide than deaths caused by lung cancer. [...]

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IMF advises Mongolia to re-think tax agreement to safeguard mining revenue


By B.Khash-Erdene The current Mongolian Double Tax Agreement (DTA), which is a tax claim by two or more jurisdictions on the same income, is prone to international tax planning as it allows residents of other countries to substantially reduce the amount of tax they pay in Mongolia, said International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s report released on [...]

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N. Orgil: Mongolia needs to pay very close attention and help the struggling film industry

Orgil Amgaa

By B.BYAMBADORJ One of the few arts that are not supported by the Government is the film industry. Speaking to young, middle and older Mongolian generations in the film industry, they are still hopefully waiting for strategic support from the Government. The following interview is with N. Orgil, Director at the Arts Strategy Implementation Department [...]

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Solar Panels Manufactured in Mongolia to be Exported to Japan


By M.ZOLJARGAL Sanko Solar Mongolia Ltd has manufactured solar panels in German Standards here in Mongolia. These solar panels meet the International Standards ISO9001, ISO 61215 and ISO 61730 and successfully obtained an International Certificate of Quality. As a result, the Sanko Solar Mongolia Company is now able to export its solar panels to the [...]

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