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Snow covers 80 percent of Mongolian territory

Ulsiin nootsiig onoos omno ... TUYA

-4.7 million livestock registered for 155 thousand households – By E.DARI The Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia has conducted a video conference with officials of the food and agricultural department and heads of office of 21 provinces regarding the winter preparation works and climate conditions in 21 aimags. “The summer was [...]

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“Color of three times”


By B.TUNGALAG Color of three times jointly exhibition of artist Ts.Bold, D.Burdaa and L.Ganbold was opened at exhibition hall of Union of Mongolian artists on November 22 until 27. The specific characteristic of this exhibition was to show the wonders of inner space of three artists who have different tones and methods. 56 creations of [...]

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Mongolian Draughts Players Shine at Asian Championships


By B.ODONTUYA The Asian Draughts Championship 2012 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from November 20-25. Mongolian Team concluded the tournament with a very satisfying achievement of winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in both Men’s and Women’s categories. In the Senior Men’s category, Mongolian player G.Ganjargal took the Gold medal, followed by Mongolian player [...]

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NOVEMBER 22, 2012 The presidents of both central banks of Mongolia and Japan are having the exact same headache. Although the amounts of money they are handling vary, if we compare the main causesof their headaches, Mongolians have many things to be careful about. Countries differ from each other by geo-dimension, socioeconomic conditions and its [...]

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S. Gombobaatar: The overall plan to protect Mongolian birds is set, now we need to implement it into our current laws

shuwuu sudlaach Amgaa1

By B.BYAMBADORJ The following interview is with Ph.D. Gombobaatar, Director at the Institute of Bird Studies. -Certain Mongolian birds are in the “Red Book” of endangered animals. Please tell us more about the birds and the classification of “endangered animals.” How were our birds classified before? -In 2005, a number of organizations, institutes and Government [...]

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E.Sonintogos: Mongolia has many cultural valuable items which are of significant value in mankind history


By B.ODONTUYA Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, the UNESCO Office in Beijing with support from the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO is going to organize ‘Culture and Development’ Conference in Ulaanbaatar between December 12 to 14. The following is an interview with the E.Sonintogos, the director of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, [...]

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Toni Reinhold: Reporters have a burning desire that drives them towards the truth and to tell the story


By B.KHASH-ERDENE We have reported before about joint organised training course for Mongolian journalists by the Thomson Reuters and the Montsame news agency organised last week. The course focuses on developing the finance and economics knowledge and skill of Mongolian media personnel to meet the increasing demand for extensive news coverage and the rising internet [...]

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Ulaanbaatar hosts 32nd Meeting of SEACEN Governors and 48th SEACEN BOG High Level Seminar

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By B.KHASH-ERDENE The 32nd and 48th conferences were held through November 22-24 in Ulaanbaatar. Delegates from over 17 countries led by Jaime Caruane, General Manger of the Bank for International settlements (BIS) and Gerard Almekinders, representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have attended the conference to provide a forum for sharing opinions and experiences [...]

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Corruption Possible Cause Behind the Radioactive Licenses

baga chuulgan hartsaga2

By M.ZOLJARGAL The member of the Mongolian Parliament, J.Batzandan, requested to the Prime Minister that the Innovation Government needs to implement completely new policy on sector of radioactive minerals after listening to the information regarding the implementation of Mongolian Policy on Issues of Radioactive Minerals and Nuclear Energy at the Parliament Session. He voiced his [...]

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The amount and allowance of some social welfare increased

zasgiin gazar hartsaga1

By E.DARI The government has brought into the discussion the issue about amendment of social welfareto its November 24th meeting and has decided to increase the amount of several social welfare measures as well as to add the allowance of selected aid. The amount of social welfare and aid hasn’t been amended since 2008, thus, [...]

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