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The Thick Fog of War

By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University An oddity of the history of wars is that most pre-war expectations of wars regarding; lost lives, costs, lengths of the wars and more were completely wrong. We find similar errors as wars build up. Human beings have a warlike nature. Maybe this continues because few take the time to [...]

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Age old Mongolian nomadic heritage under threat due to mining

G.Erdenetuya (6)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Mongolia is facing many environmental issues such as desertification, inadequate water supply and air and water pollution largely caused by mining and whose burden falls heavily on the herders who are the last keepers of the thousands of years old nomadic culture of the Mongols. More than 90 percent of Mongolian revenue comes [...]

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Intellectuals Honoured with State Laureate Titles

Shagnal E.Khartsaga (1)

By B.ODONTUYA On 26 November the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, granted State Laureate titles to five intellectuals for their contributions and great intellectual investment, and for raising the name of their country, Mongolia, high in the world. The title was awarded to poet Ts.Bavuudorj for his outstanding literature works, distinctive mentality and classical writing style, [...]

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Love is Eternal


By B.TUNGALAG I saw an exhibition that was really excited and wonderful at exhibition hall of Union of Mongolian Artists. The exhibition name is “Grace of the Year of Horse”, was opened in November 28. The artist, Cultural Merit Worker P.Baldandorj and artist M.Bayarmagnai are jointly opened the exhibition. The artists’ creations have different tones, [...]

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Paulius Kuncinas: What you call a “slow down” is to other countries a very fast rate of growth


By B.BYAMBADORJ The following interview is with Paulius Kuncinas, Regional Editor at the Oxford Business Group. The Oxford Business Group is a global publishing and consultancy company which currently publishes up-to-date business and economic reports in more than 30 countries. The report contains comprehensive first-hand information on Mongolia’s most important sectors today: energy, tourism, banking, [...]

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Into the deep web: the dangers of anonymity


By B.BYAMBADORJ Internet anonymity and privacy as we know, is a subject of controversy in today’s world of internet users.Privacy of oneself is very important out there in the dangerous, vast space of the internet. One can easily and more comfortably express your opinion and views only if no one knows about your identity or [...]

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N.Bataa: Signatures of over 100 people won’t be required to acquire the necessary construction permits

Orlogch Ch.Gurwansaikhan

By E.DARI The Governor of the Capital City E.Bat-Uul’s action policy to be implemented in next three years has been ratified recently through the irregular meeting of the Capital City Representative’s Khural. N.Bataa, the deputy of the capital city governor, in charge for the finance and economic related issues, spoke to Unuudur daily newspaper regarding [...]

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Mongolian Government Releases USD 1.5 billion in Bonds

wall street journal

The Wall Street Journal – Mongolia, a country that has been rescued five times in 22 years by the International Monetary Fund, sold $1.5 billion in debt Wednesday in its first government bond offering. The sale, equal to nearly one-fifth of the size of Mongolia’s economy, is akin to the U.S. government borrowing $2.5 trillion [...]

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Best Scientific Works Unveiled in Exhibition

inovatsi hartsaga2

By M.ZOLJARGAL An exhibition of science, technology and innovation products opened at the Mongolian Art Gallery on November 28. The exhibition involves five leading sectors that play a significant role in enhancing science and technology in Mongolia. The purpose of the exhibition is to connect private sector companies with state science sector organizations and to [...]

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Democratic Party majority but re-vote set for six districts


By E.DARI The Democratic Party (DP) received the majority of votes in the Local Administrative Election held on 21 November, according to the General Election Commission of Mongolia. Voting attendance did not reach the required level of 50% in six of the nine electoral districts of Ulaanbaatar, however. It was therefore announced that there must [...]

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