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Cell Phone Users to Pay per Second in March


By M.ZOLJARGAL Mongolian cell phone users currently pay for a whole minute even if their call lasts only few seconds. However from March 1, 2013, customers will pay by the second rather than by the minute. The Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Rights (AFCCR) held a meeting on September 25 in which officials from [...]

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MPP Demonstrates in Front of State Palace in Opposition of GEC Decision

man hartsaga1

By E.DARI Supporters and members of Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) demonstrated in front of the Government house holding signs and blocking the State’s service staff, journalists and cameramen from entering the Government house yesterday. The General Election Commission (GEC) of Mongolia announced on Tuesday that the two candidates promoted from Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), N.Tumurkhuu [...]

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Mixed Economy and Why It Fails

TOUT_Car in Jail

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Democracy and a mixed economy cannot be put into one basket. Most of the pressing and important issues Mongolia has, such as corruption and poverty, can be traced to the political and economic arrangement we have at present. If you believe that an individual has the right to his own choices and how [...]

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Mongolbank’s dream


October 10, 2012 N.Zoljargal, the President of Mongolbank (The Central Bank), introduced the draft monetary policy to be pursued next year along with its main directions to the parliament last week.He said that Mongolbank in cooperation with the government would keep inflation low:under eight percent when the impact of supply side-inflation is measured using the [...]

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E.Ganbolor: We dreamed of living together as Camerton did

duuchin hartsaga 1

By B.ODONTUYA The following is an interview with singer,E.Ganbolor (or Bogi) from the band ‘Sweetymotion.’ Sweetymotion is a Pop/R&B girl band with three members; Bogi, Sarnai and Sundre. The band originally formed under the name ‘Emotion’ and quickly became the most successful Mongolian female group of all time along with former group member Solongo. The [...]

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B. Sergelen: You only have to enjoy classical arts, nothing more


By B.BYAMBADORJ The following interview is with former ballet dancer B. Sergelen, Chairwoman of State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. She is known as ‘the queen of classic arts’ locally. “You do not have to burden yourself trying to understand classic art. Just enjoy it and leave it at that,” she says. This interview is [...]

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Takehiro Kiriyama: I want my students to become the leading designers of this country

UB expats

By Allyson Seaborn UB Expat Takehiro Kiriyama’s most memorable encounter with the people of Mongolia did not occur here in this country. Takehiro was actually taking intensive Mongolian language lessons as a JICA volunteer candidate in Fukushima, Japan on the day the massive earthquake occurred in March 2011. Takehiro recalls how, “It was the biggest [...]

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Social Benefit Costs Increased Ten-fold from 2006


By B.KHASH-ERDENE On Friday the Economic Research Center organised a conference titled: “Issues of Economic Policies.” Delegates of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, Mongolbank’s economist, as well as professors and researchers from universities, attended the conference. The event explored many topics such as the issue of the so-called “Dutch Disease” and whether [...]

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President Officiates planting day

mod tariv hartsaga1

By M.ZOLJARGAL Last Saturday was ‘National Day to Plant Tree’ in Mongolia. The President of Mongolia took part in the plantation project. He arrived back in Ulaanbaatar on October 12 from his official visit to Western Europe. When he arrived at the National Park at around 12 o’clock, Ulaanbaatar City Mayor E.Bat-Uul, the leading member [...]

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Necessary Hurdles to Complete Parliament

Chuulgan Amgaa3

By Ts.Bolortuya The Parliament has been working with 71 members for the past several months. The Parliament is missing in Songinokhairkhan and the Bayanzurkh district’s representation and both of N.Tumurkhuu and S.Chinzorig have already been chosen and issued a temporary membership due the opposition party accusing them of breaking the law and distributing cash to [...]

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