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Is there a limit to external debt?


October 17, 2012 Government is borrowing money by issuing bonds to both foreign and domestic private sector with the condition of buying them back later on. The Central Bank expands its money supply to make up the budget deficit or also it buys government bonds. Also when overcoming their budget deficit, developing countries acquire soft [...]

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Bicycle March held


By M.ZOLJARGAL Young people with bicycles have shown their support for actions which the Ulaanbaatar City Governor’s Office and the Millenium Challenge Foundation are taking to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Ulaanbaatar. Over 100 cyclists rode under the motto, ‘We choose bicycles’ in a route of Sukhbaatar Square to Sapporo Intersection recently. The [...]

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SouthGobi Sands accused of tax evasion

uurhai AMGAA

By B.KHASH-ERDENE News.mn reports that the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) has finished investigations of D.Batkhuyag, former Head of the Mineral Resource Authority and revealed that he had abused his authority and engaged in illegal actions during his time in office. The IAAC has now transferred the case to the City Prosecutor’s Office to have [...]

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Uncovering the Gobi ‘Watergate’

oyu tolgoi1

Part One, By Michelle Tolson “The most important thing is that the government, provinces and the public must have the same understanding of mining. [Herders] living in the rural areas lose their live stock to mining companies, while city residents have all expressed their hope to receive shares from the mining companies,” said Fernando Loayza, [...]

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Alcoholism: A Global Problem which Shadows Mongolia


By B.BYAMBADORJ Contrary to popular belief among the Mongolian public and media, the Mongolian drinking “problem” in general, is not that serious as it seems. Taken into consideration as a worldwide issue, Mongolia does not even top the list. Searching several global lists on countries with the highest per capita alcohol consumption, Mongolia was not [...]

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All Ethnic Mongols’ Wrestling Tournament to be held


By B.Odontuya The 5thAll Ethnic Mongols’ Wrestling Tournament is set to be held on November 4 at the National Circus of Mongolia. The tournament, organised by the Pan-Mongol Traditional Wrestling Association, will be held in two weight categories; under 85 kilograms and over 85 kilograms. In total, 64 wrestlers will compete in each category. The [...]

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D. Tsolmon: Most news today is translated from foreign news agencies and journalists

bolovsroliin medee 10-3

By B.BYAMBADORJ This year, one of the oldest universities in Mongolia, the National University of Mongolia (NUM) is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The following interview is with D. Tsolmon, who holds a Ph.D. and is a professor at the School of Foreign Relations of NUM. Translated from Zuunii Medee newspaper. -You used to study at [...]

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Ulaanbaatar in Danger of Energy Shortage


By M.ZOLJARGAL This article was translated from Daily News. The current supply of power and heating is unable to bear the progressive energy load as there are too many buildings requiring power in Ulaanbaatar. Almost 800 thousand people are residing in ger districts in the capital city. The power has gone off at the ger [...]

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G.Mungunsukh: Strict curfew of nightclubs contributes to alcoholism


By B.ODONTUYA The following is an interview detailing the operations of the nightclubs in Mongolia with G. Munkhsukh, member of the working group working to set standards for the operation of nightclubs in Mongolia. This article is translated from the Undesnii Shuudan Newspaper. -Many people believe that the nightclubs are the cause of alcohol abuse [...]

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UN Expert Warns Unclear Government and Business Responsibilities Threaten Human Rights


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The UN expert Working Group on Human Rights and Business on Wednesday, October 17 welcomed the inclusion of human rights in the new Government’s action plan. However, the group called on the Government of Mongolia and businesses to further clarify their respective roles and responsibilities toward human rights. The Working Group also called [...]

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