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The Art of Energy

By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University Attempting to figure out the best energy systems for a country is far from easy. There are many sources of energy to choose from. Most have chosen oil, natural gas and coal in the developed world. In the developing world, especially in Africa and much of India, there is not [...]

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Mongolia: A Lucky but Difficult Pie to Slice


By B.BYAMBADORJ The rapid inflow of huge amounts of investment cash is forcefully dragging the small economy of Mongolia forward, despite numerous problems plaguing the Government and related crucial decision-making bodies. Mongolia is probably one of the few lucky countries on earth. When the Manchus were defeated by the Red Soviets and left Mongolian territories [...]

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A pop-tart-making president, please

By Elizabeth Bryning I was talking to an American friend today about the upcoming presidential elections in his country and I asked him if he had voted yet. His reply left me speechless. “I’m not going to vote,” he said. I goggled at him, my lower jaw somewhere near my knees. When I finally recovered [...]

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Mongolian University Sports Festival – ‘Universiade’ Opens

neelt hartsaga2

By B.TUYA The third Mongolian University Sports Festival ‘Universiade’ officially held its opening on last Thursday, October 25th. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism,Ts.Oyungerel, and the Head of Presidential Office, P.Tsagaan, and the President of the Mongolian University Sports Federation, D.Bayasgalan, were present during the opening ceremonies as well as delegations of universities including [...]

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Roving Exhibition Showcases History of Ulaanbaatar

uzesgelen hartsaga2

By B.ODONTUYA On the 373rd anniversary of the establishment of the Ulaanbaatar City, the Ulaanbaatar City Museum organized an outdoor roving photographic exhibition last week. The exhibition was shown in several locations throughout the city. The organizers stated “It was decreed to engage the citizens in the celebrations. We are organizing this roving exhibition to [...]

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Heaven Whips and Lashes

C1 N.Amgalanbaatar (2)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Everyone packed into the large hall waited in anticipation to see what was behind the blue veil draped gently over mysterious shaped and secretive items. Once the veil was lifted, an awed silence from the crowd greeted the magnificence of the first century Hun era artefacts that overwhelmed the room. More often than [...]

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Prime Minister Challenges on Recent Air Pollution Initiatives

nuurs 1

By B.KHASH-ERDENE The following was translated from local business media regarding the Prime Minister’s new initiative to reduce the price of coal for ger district residents—in contrast with legislation to reduce the use of coal. According to local media sources, the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag recently visited the Baganuur Coal Mine and stated: “In order to [...]

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Officials Pay Respect to Starting Point of Mongolian Road Network

Ulsiin tuw tseg1

By M.ZOLJARGAL The 83rd Anniversary of the Mongolian Road Sector occurred on October 26 and the officials of the road sector paid a respect to the starting point at Sukhbaatar Square. The Minister of Road and Transportation, A.Gansukh, has granted medals for the best road officials and recognized their devotion in development of Mongolian Road [...]

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State and Parliamentary Heads Support Blood Drive

hartsaga erunhiilugch1

By B.Tungalag Within the framework of the “National Program to Expand the Range of Blood Donors,” Parliament members headed by Z.Enkhbold, Head of the State Great Khural (Parliament) and President Ts.Elbegdorj donated their blood at the State Palace last Friday. This is the second time they have donated their blood. Limits on donating blood are [...]

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Chingis Khaan’s Birthday to Become a National Celebration Day


By B.KHASH-ERDENE On the Friday’s Parliament meeting, the vetoing of laws and parliament policy project was introduced. Since the project was not approved by the members of the parliamentü it was rejected, and it was decided that the current laws and policies will continue to function as they were. When added to the Law regarding [...]

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