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Buddhist statue in Japan honours Mongolian envoys


By B.ODONTUYA A Buddhist statue honouring Mongolian envoys to Japan has been completed at a temple in Tamana City in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. The statue was designed to appease the spirits of the Mongolian envoys who were sent to Japan as negotiators by Khubilai Khan in the 13th century but were executed by the [...]

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Himalayas avalanche sweeps away climbers in Nepal


At least nine climbers are feared dead and six more are missing in Nepal after an avalanche swept away Europeans and others on a Himalayan peak. Officials confirmed two bodies had been recovered while a further seven were spotted on the slopes of Mount Manaslu in the north of the country. The avalanche struck a [...]

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N. Ganbayar: Major changes coming up for the judicial system


By B.BYAMBADORJ In relation with the new Law on the Courts recently approved by the current Parliament, the following interview was conducted with N.Ganbayar, the Executive Secretary of the General Council of the Courts regarding the new law’s implementation. -It has been some time since the new Law on the Courts has been approved. Let [...]

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The State of Children’s Rights in Mongolia during and after Divorce

divv lol

By B.BYAMBADORJ Child abuse is one of many abuses in the world, and one of the many social issues that are ignored in Mongolia. Divorce rates may be up every year but the real victims are not the mothers or fathers but the children. It is not easy for children to find their position in [...]

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Is Mongolia’s Fragile Economy Prone to Crisis?


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Is Mongolia prepared for an economic crisis? This issue has become a subject of concern for many; especially officials, those who work in financial and economic sectors, and experts and researchers. On Thursday, the Economic Policy Committee of the Mongolian People’s Party and the Social Democracy Institution has met to discuss the above [...]

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3rd Forum of Press Media of Mongolia and China discusses cooperation


By M.ZOLJARGAL The 3rd Forum of Mongolian and Chinese Press Media, recently held in Mongolia, is leading to improved cooperation between Mongolian and Chinese media, according to the organizers of the forum, who reported that the forum plays a significant role in the exchange of ideas and experiences of information technology between Mongolia and China. [...]

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Parliament to Open October 1st with Fifteen Issues on the Agenda

chuulgan Amgaa

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Speaker of the Parliament, Z.Enkhbold, has passed an order to open the next session on October 1. Thus, the Parliament of Mongolia has released a draft resolution which noted the issues to be discussed at the next session. According to the decree, following issues are set to be discussed, 1. Draft on [...]

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Mongolia Dominates Sumo with 3rd Yokozuna in a Row from Wrestler Harumafuji Byambadorj


By B.BYAMBADORJ, B.ODONTUYA The defending champion of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament (Aki Basho), Mongolian ozeki wrestler Harumafuji Byambadorj has claimed his fourth Emperor’s Cup. This is the 70th Yokozuna title for a wrestler ever awarded; and is the third respective Yokozuna earned by a Mongolian wrestler: Asashōryū Davgadorj and Hakuhō Shō Davaajargal were the [...]

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4th Annual Baldorj Prize Awarded to Top Journalists

shagnal Tuya1

By E.DARI An annual awards event—named in honor of Ts.Baldorj—commemorating journalism were handed out for the fourth time yesterday at the Ulaanbaatar Restaurant. Three Mongolian presidents—including current President Ts.Elbegdorj and former presidents P.Ochirbat and N.Bagabandi—Members of the Parliament, S.Bayartsogt, S.Batbold, U.Enkhtuvshin, O.Sodbileg and the top leaders representing television, newspaper and radio as journalists, writers, and [...]

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The Earth Does Not Need Us


By B.KHASH-ERDENE The preservation of environments and reducing greenhouse gasses to fight global warming have become hot topics and a cause for many to fight for. But the fact of the matter is, our planet – the Earth—does not need saving. Environmentalists are just trying to save themselves, because even if the planet turns red [...]

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