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Mongolian National Broadcaster opens doors to the public

A5 N.Amgalanbaatar

By M.ZOLJARGAL In celebration of its 45th anniversary this year, the Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) opened its doors to the public last weekend for the first time. The artists, engineers, technical staff, administrative staff and affiliated entities of MNB worked in cooperation to arrange tours and divide guests into tour groups to learn about the [...]

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President Elbegdorj attends un general assembly in nyc


The Mongolian delegation led by President Ts.Elbegdorj is taking a part in the 67th regular session of the General Assembly, United Nations Headquarters on September 20th to 28th. According to the Department of Public Information of the News and Media Division of New York’s General Assembly of the United Nations Sixty-seventh General Assembly, Plenary Meetings, [...]

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D.Amarbold: ‘Leaving One’s Cane at an Ovoo Portends Leaning On It Again’


By M.ZOLJARGAL Below is an interview from the Daily News Newspaper, with D.Amarbold, the director of the Department of Nature and Environment of the Gandan Tegchilen Monastery. A PDF guide to their work can be found on arcworld [dot] org and is titled: Mongolian Buddhists Protecting Nature (2009). -The Gandan Tegchilen Monastery has established a [...]

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“Mongolians are very truthful, friendly and warmhearted people”

Sanchir Amgaa

By B.BYAMBADORJ The following is an interview with Ts. Sanchir, President of Tasam, an NGO focused on cultural anthropology. -How is your research going? -It is progressing well. -What places have you travelled to this year, have you encountered any other unique cultures? -Yes, I want to emphasize this topic. For the independent Mongolia, our [...]

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Ts.Selenge: it is a pity people don’t know our achievements

tsirk Tuya

By B.ODONTUYA The following is a short interview with Ts.Selenge, creative director of the Mongolian National Circus about the International Circus Festival held in Khabarovsk, Russia where the circus recently participated. -Could you talk about the new show which the National Circus of Mongolia is preparing for? -We have started our training for the autumn [...]

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Mongolia – the democratic anchor of Central Asia


By Travis Hamilton According to Australia’s Resource Minister, Mr Martin Ferguson, the mining boom in Australia is “over.” BHP Billiton recently cancelled its USD 30 billion expansion plans for its Australian Olympic Dam project, Rio Tinto has abandoned several Australian projects, and Fortescue Metals has announced hundreds of job cuts and a significant downsize of [...]

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The Changing Face of Bogd Khan

Photographer © Keren Su / Lonely Planet Images

By Allyson Seaborn Four sacred mountains surround the city of Ulaanbaatar, but the tallest and most revered is Bogd Khan. The entire massif, which is miles long, dominates the southern sky line of the city. I look out to this mountain each morning and each evening, living in its somewhat imposing shadow. We moved to [...]

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Loving Hut Mongolia: Saving Your Wallet


By Michelle Tolson In my estimation the cheapest and healthiest food in all of Ulaanbaatar can be found at the Loving Hut franchises. Main dishes and large soups usually cost about 3000 MNT. Where else can people earning a local salary go to eat out? As many of us are away from home for hours [...]

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Megid Janraysig And Other Temples


By Nicholas Campbell-McBride One of the first things you may notice about Ulaanbaatar,by either looking at a map or just walking along the streets, is the large number of temples and monasteries spread across the city from the north, east, south and west. On a map they all have the same symbol, so they are [...]

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Economics 101: The Cause of The Global Financial Crisis


By P.Leon Everyone knows that we are in a global economic crisis; but how many of us really know why? Who really understands what’s going on? In this article, I shall attempt to present the basics of our predicament, and how certain Mongolia firms are a part of the problem. In ancient times, people bartered [...]

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