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“Resource companies represent approximately 50% of the 2,200 companies listed on ASX”


By G.ULZII Interview with Eddie Grieve, Senior manager, Listings Business Development at the Australian Securities Exchange. -Can you explain the collaboration between the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) and Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE). Are there any reasons the ASX chose to focus on the MSE? -There is no current collaboration between ASX and MSE. The ASX [...]

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International and Domestic Commentary on Investors Fleeing Mongolia

By Michelle Tolson Mongolia has been making international news throughout the summer and into autumn as the new government has assembled and set into motion their action plans. In the first week of September, 24 MPs lobbied the government to renegotiate the Oyu Tolgoi contract so that the Mongolian government holds 51 percent ownership when [...]

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Land Permissions Forbidden Within 1300 Hectares of Downtown Ulaanbaatar


By E.DARI The Capital City Representative’s Khural or City Council has carried out its 3rd irregular meeting and conducted a poll on draft resolutions about city planning about arranging illegal land granting issues in the Capital City territory, initiated by political party factions in the parliament and its representatives. The proposal from the Democratic Party [...]

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Forum Held to Implement New National Law on Gender Equality

jenderiin hariltsaa zuwulguun Amgaa

By E.OYUNDARI The Parliament of Mongolia has finally adopted the Law on Gender after many years of discussion. The Law on Gender was a significant advance for Mongolia as the law imposed a quota towards establishing equal gender representation in all levels of the country’s establishments. Some provisions of the law started the implementation process [...]

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Cell phone subscribers to pay per second

Shudraga ursulduun1

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Rights (AFCCR) welcomed its new Director O. Magnai a week ago. On September 26 the Director made an announcement to journalists about the work of the AFCCR. Magnai announced that from November 1 Mongolian phone users will pay per second, rather than paying for a whole [...]

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Green Days of Autumn Exhibition Continues


By B.BYAMBADORJ The Green Days of Autumn exhibition is held annually in September, spanning for several weeks. It is organized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry. During this event, farmers and food producers from every corner of Mongolia converge in the city and set up stands and sell all sorts of vegetables, [...]

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Excise Progression Might Not Reduce Usage of Alcohol and Cigarettes

A8 N.Amgalanbaatar (1)

By M.ZOLJARGAL The excise on the “sin tax” has been doubled. Thus, over 20 billion MNT is expected to be added to this year’s state budget. This shows the intention to cover the expected deficit from reduced coal exportation with the excise progression. The progression would allow the government to gather the fund to be [...]

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Mongolia: Retail therapy

state dept store

Expectations that Mongolia’s retail industry will be transformed by the nation’s rapidly growing mining sector appear on track, although rising inflation and a lack of human resources could threaten the sector’s potential. In mid-June, Mongolia made its first appearance in the AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index, earning a creditable ninth place in a survey [...]

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D. Amgalanbaatar: Drinking and air pollution are changing Mongolian genes

Udriin Sonin

By B.BYAMBADORJ The following interview is with Ph.D D. Amgalanbaatar, the head of the Anatomy Department of the Health Sciences University of Mongolia. Translated from an article in the Udriin Sonin newspaper. -Lately there have been heated discussions on the protection of Mongolia people’s genes. Tell us more about this. -A Mongolian person, especially an [...]

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The Nomad world of Mongolia


By G.BAIGAL The unity of pride, beauty, inspiration and magnificence of MONGOLIA is being exhibited at the Union of Mongolian Artists Hall (UMA). “MONGOL” is a joint exhibition being held in honor of the 850th anniversary of Chinggis Khan by four prominent fellow artists—A.Chadraabal, A.Ochirbold, O.Enkhtaivan, and D.Batmunkh –each presenting eight to 11 works of [...]

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