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Kh.Bayarmaa: Miss World was a rare opportunity in my life


By B.ODONTUYA The following is an interview from the Daily News newspaper with Bayarmaa Khuselbaatar who recently represented Mongolia in the 62nd Miss World Beauty pageant that took place at the Inner Mongolian city of Ordos, China. -You participated in the Miss World 2012 competition, representing Mongolia. Tell us about it. -I came to Mongolia [...]

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Otgonbayar’s “Thangkas” popular in Berlin


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Today, the UB Post would like to show some of the works by a very talented Mongolia artist, Otgonbayar Ershuu. Otgonbayar Ershuu is the first Mongolian artist to open a gallery outside of Mongolia.The Gallery ZURAG was founded in 2010 in the middle of Berlin, one of the world’s most vibrant art capitals. [...]

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Signs of the Times


By P.Leon If you are Muslim, you know that the world will end some day. Well, at least mankind’s rule will end when the two messiahs (Isa and Imam Mahdi) come and defeat the Dajjal (false messiah). If you are Buddhist, you may know that according to the Sutta Pitaka, the ten moral behaviours will [...]

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August 22, 2012 Development should come to both urban and rural areas. However, development is not in a hurry to come over to the rural Mongolia, which is why people are still moving to cities. Although provinces are not able to accumulate the capital needed for development, the first ever law that puts the local [...]

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We didn’t like dancing before

Solongoo-d  Amgaa1

By B.ODONTUYA The UB post previously reported that ten year old Mongolian dancing duo, B.Tenuun and R.Uchral, won the Grand Prix in the juveniles’ ballroom category (6 to under 12 years old) at the World Dance Cup 2012, held in Shenzhen, China in July. These talented young dancers recently spoke to Unuudur Newspaper. -Please introduce [...]

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In Defense of Assange

The market

Noam Chomsky argues that Julian Assange deserves applause rather than denunciation and punishment Noam Chomsky is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also written and lectured widely on intellectual history, contemporary issues, international affairs, and U.S. foreign policy. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been [...]

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Coalition Government of Mongolia Now Complete

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By E.DARI The Prime Minister of Mongolia, N.Altan­khuyag, submitted the names of five Ministers of the Cabinet to the Speaker of the Parliament, Z.Enkhbold, on August 20th. The four Ministers were promoted from the Justice Coalition (Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party – Mongolian National Democratic Party) and one Minister from the Civil Will Green Party. Deputy [...]

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State Universities propose to increase their fees by 25-60%

Bolowsrol said Amgaa1

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Minister of Education, Culture and Science, L.Gantumur, received and met the directors of the State Universities on August 19. The main agenda of the meeting was university fees and quality of the universities. The directors of the biggest universities in Mongolia have discussed how to improve education quality and have submitted their [...]

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Wind power: why here and why now?


By Rebecca Jacobs Mongolia owns a lot to coal. It is the country’s main export; it was responsible for the mining boom that has caused the recent growth of the economy. Currently, over 80% of Mongolia’s electricity is produced by five coal power plants built n the 1970s and 80s. But plans have just been [...]

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Expats in UB

Photo of Cyril

By Allyson Seaborn, Caritas is a global Catholic charity movement that strives for a fairer world. One of their beliefs is that it is completely unacceptable for millions to suffer because of poverty and social injustice. The organisation provides assistance to the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded on behalf of a billion Catholics worldwide.They [...]

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