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The Informal Economy Provides a Twist to Mongolia’s Growth


By Michelle Tolson The informal economy has a significant place within Mongolia. Definitions vary, but at its most broad, the sector includes street sellers, home-based businesses and family workers who might not be paid a wage, domestic workers, trash pickers and garment workers, construction workers and small farmers according to Women In Informal Employment: Globalizing [...]

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Why This Election is Important


By MICHELLE TOLSON Mongolia experienced incredible changes starting from 1990 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union by fashioning a free market economy and democratic political system. The economic upheaval has been widely documented as the country lost its manufacturing system supported by the Soviets and began the process of privatization. Many had to return [...]

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Respecting Tibetan Nomads: it’s about more than the Dalai lama

By Michelle Tolson “Mongolians and Tibetans are like this.” Actually, there was a pantomime of hands held parallel as the Tibetan man said: “Mongolia people…Tibet people…” Looking at me to make sure I understood, he moved his hands together. I heard these words from my Tibetan guide during my trip through Western China in April. [...]

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The Journey Ends: Walking Home from Mongolia


By Michelle Tolson I originally met explorers Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron in November of 2011, just days before they embarked on their winter expedition “Walking Home from Mongolia,” which began mid-month. The two men were starting a six month, 5,000 km walk from Mongolia through China to Hong Kong. They were filming a documentary [...]

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Where Does Your Feces Go?

By Michelle Tolson Do you know where your feces is disposed of? Well, according to Urban Alternative, Ulaanbaatar ger district residents know. However, many city dwellers do not. Urban Alternative (urban –alternative [dot] org) is a media documentation project created by French-born Frederic Ouziel, Damien Boutaud, and Charles Kohlheim. The project is self-funded at the [...]

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Schedule to be implemented from this morning


By M.ZOLJARGAL The Governor of Ulaanbaatar City, E.Bat-Uul, the Traffic Police Department and the Public Transportation Authority of Mongolia organized a press conference on August 24 to announce the changes made to the schedule of major trade centres and traffic routes to be involved in restrictions (See list and picture). In accordance with an Order [...]

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Dai Bingguo: It’s pleasant to see our neighbor country developing

zochin hartsaga4

By M.Zoljargal The official visit of the State Councilor of the People’s Republic of China, Dai Bingguo, formally began on August 23 when N.Altankhuyag, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, received and met him. Dai Bingguo congratulated N.Altankhuyag for being chosen as the Head of the New Government of Mongolia and further stated his hopes that [...]

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Government Palace Now Open to the Public

neelt hartsaga2

By B.KHASH-ERDENE On Saturday August 25, the new government has assembled for the first time. During the assembly, the new government opened the State Ceremony and Honor’s Hall of the government Palace and discussed the petroleum and diesel supply, this year’s harvest, industry and agriculture, the power supply, road, transportation, construction, urban development and winter [...]

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Bomb Discovered at Chingis Khaan Airport

niseh hartsaga4

By B.KHASH-ERDENE With the information that a possible bomb was found at the Chingis Khaan International Airport, we headed there on Friday morning to see for ourselves. When we arrived at the airport at 08:40 in the morning, we found all the provincial and international flights on hold and the waiting hall was packed with [...]

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Anna Williams: I felt instantly at home and haven’t looked back

Anna Williams photo

By ALLYSON SEABORN The long awaited opening of the British School of Ulaanbaatar is nearly here. The school opens officially in September with about 200 pupils aged between 5 and 13 in the first phase. The school aims to have 1,000 students eventually enrolled and will also see the age range of pupils extending in [...]

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