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D.Munkhbat: Trades have increased with growing economy


-New things require getting used to. Are there any troubles and difficulties when using this system? -There aren’t any detrimental issues. Since March the Mongolian Stock Market has conducted trials and trainings. We trained all our staff to conduct trade using the new system therefore we didn’t encounter any problems on the first day. But [...]

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Mongolia Mining Corp to Increase Coal Extraction to 10 Million Tons


The concessional contract for the railroad, which should be operational by 2015, states that the track will be given to the Mongolian government 19 years after its use.

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Sainshand Industrial Complex Fully Developed by 2018


It is estimated that an average of 11.8 million tons of water will be used by the complex, and for now it will be provided from Bor-Khuuvur Mine reserve. During the construction phase of the project, over 10,000 jobs will be made available and during the operational phase, around 2,400 jobs will be made available [...]

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90th anniversary of Domestic Defense Service marked


Though the force of the Domestic Defense Service had faced a great amount of hardship, they never did let the people of Mongolia down. Since it was founded, the DDS has been executing various confidential or very important tasks such as protecting the core places, delivering prisoners and transferring the important documents for the outlying [...]

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‘City without garbage-2012’ campaign to be released


The ‘City Without Garbage’ campaign will be organized annually from this year and will hunt organizations which spread those useless posters and take actions to keep our city clean and beautiful.

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‘Mongolia in Deel’ Festival awes audiences


The Third Best Foreign Participant in Deel was a US citizen. Finally, Ariunbold and Zolzaya won The Best Couple in Deel out of 38 couple participants.

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Until next year!


The Khalkha style archery began on the same day at the archery field where 350 archers competed. Archer of the ‘Burkhan Khaldun’ group and Bayanzurkh District’s Ts.Khuderchuluun, won with 39 hits out of 40 shoots. In the women’s category, archer Kh.Oyunchimeg took first place and therefore became a two-time champion of the National Naadam Festival. [...]

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Darkhan to become ‘Smart city’


Now, as this road welcomes foreigners on the western border to our country, it should be the face of Mongolia. Therefore, the government has to formulate an individual program to improve the quality of this road. Secondly, the cottage of Russians, who immigrated to Mongolia at the beginning of 20th century, existed in Darkhan. Due [...]

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N.Enkhbayar’s Trial Postponed Again


N.Enkhbayar is being convicted under the Criminal Law of Mongolia, Article 150.3, “Causing large amount of mischief to others”, and Article 163.2, “Acts of repeated or grouped nature, or abuse of power, and gain of a large amount of income”.

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Coalition Government by Proportion of 75:25


The above mentioned parties will also participate in the Presidential and Provincial Elections jointly, besides forming the coalition government. The government will be composed by a proportion of 75:25, with the Democratic Party and the Civil Will Green Party composing 75 percent, and the Justice Coalition holding the remaining 25 percent. The Speaker of the [...]

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