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D.Erdembileg: “The Beatles were the voice of freedom in Mongolia’s recent history”


-People have been talking about the Beatles Statue which you have designed for a while. What happened to it? -It’s one of the works I’ve planned to execute. I finished the sketch five years ago and when I started the construction work, another Beatles statue was erected near the State Department Store. I’ll definitely build [...]

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Motorcycle parade held in Ulaanbaatar


The Mongolian Harley Davidson Owner’s Club informed us that currently there are over 800 motorcyclists in Ulaanbaatar.

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Mongolian contortion to be registered in UNESCO


-Who started this work? -We have started the work after taking advice from the State Prized Artist, the People’s Actor B.Norovsambuu, who introduced the art of contortion to the global stage. We are currently working to make magnificent performances which were once performed by the State Prized Artist, the People’s Artist T.Tsend-Ayush, D.Majigsuren, registered in [...]

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This event unfortunately forced the team to split up. Dhruv was unable to return to the Ukraine as he had already used up his single entry and exit visa, which was all he was allowed being an Indian citizen. So he took as much of his luggage as he could on foot and then made [...]

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“Education and Development”

By Paul Sullivan Georgetown University If one were to look at just about all of the countries that developed their economies, not just grew them, one would see great strides in education. I do not mean just university education or graduate schools development. Some of the most important educational development can be found in primary [...]

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Over the past year, Americans and Mongolians have together celebrated several notable anniversaries, including the 20th anniversary of Peace Corps in Mongolia; the 20th anniversary of USAID in Mongolia; and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries. In celebrating that 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties, I am often reminded [...]

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N.Khurelbaatar: There are 1000 people with extraordinary and unusual names living in Mongolia

-What is the longest name? -Dorjsurenjantsankhorloonerguibaatar is the longest name. That person works as an accountant at the Emergency Center. Once he told me a funny story about how can’t fit his name in his work reports. Other Mongolian long names are Mongolekhorniiugluu (Mongol country’s morning), Ochirbaynmunkhdorjsurenjav,Olzmedekhkhuukhenbaatar, Enkhtuguldurbaysgalan, Naimanzuunnadintsetseg (Eight hundred precious flowers), Ulamundrakhtuya, Uuliinyagaantsetseg [...]

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Mongolia’s LGBT Centre Advocates for Anti-Discrimination Law


By Michelle Tolson The Executive Director, Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel, recently relayed the NGO’s struggles for legitimacy at a popular coffee shop in downtown Ulaanbaatar. In 2009, he brought up the problems LGBT people faced at a civil society meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The speaker ridiculed him and a number of women’s [...]

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Copper Miners Weather Mongolia’s Political Shake Up

Still, many analysts are hopeful that the incoming government’s rhetoric will be toned down as politicians focus less on attracting voters and concentrate more on ensuring sustainable growth. Certainly, it is in the best interest of policymakers to ensure that Oyu Tolgoi succeeds as it is expected to account for over 30 percent of GDP [...]

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Research Initiated to Liquefy Fuel Out of Coal


As South Africa is one of the leading countries worldwide in manufacturing for energy production and mining, the country has rich experience in manufacturing value added products, which is why their input is sought. The SASOL Ltd established the first factory of liquefied fuel in 1955 in South Africa and is considered a successful company [...]

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