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A rich history of opera and ballet


The State Opera & Ballet Theater obtained the title of “Academic” and was officially titled as the State Academic Theater of Opera & Ballet in 1981. During this time, more than 30 classic and national operas such as “Evgeny Onyegin,” “Iolanta,” “Queen of Spades” by Tchaikovsky, “Chio-chio san,” “Toska,” “Turandot,” “Trubadore,” “Othello,” by Pucini have [...]

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Healing People Through Art


Badral’s work greatly differs from the traditional definition of portraiture given the highly abstract nature of his works. Badral is not interested in the outward appearance of his subjects, instead, he wants to portray their inner world with its suffering, hidden desires and inexpressible thoughts. Accordingly, he gives seemingly absurd titles to his paintings. For [...]

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Woman in Silence

‘I just express what I think and feel. It is up to the viewer to interpret what they see. Mongolians have always respected women as equals,’ she says. ‘Women have the right to rule the household and the state. When men, in the past, went to war, women controlled everything. In traditional life men had [...]

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Modern Art in the Modern Mongolian Way

The Association of Surrealist Artists is organizing this exhibition and there on display are over 40 artworks in the exposition. About 30 famous surrealist artists such as B.Vandan, R.Lkhamsuren, B.Tuvshinjargal are exhibiting their works. Organizer’s representative stated that “Art is note of human’s past life, security of the present time and also dream of the [...]

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Why the West is Ignoring Africa 2.0

In Ghana, the government undertakes 60-70 percent of purchases. In most cases, it does not purchase local technology from local companies. Local businesses are therefore left to compete and operate in the remaining 30-40 percent of the available market. Multinationals broadly import their technology from their head offices, which are normally headquartered in the West, [...]

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US doubts over Syria’s commitment to peace plan


“We certainly have seen no signs yet of the Assad regime abiding by its commitments, which is obviously quite unfortunate,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. The US also expressed outrage over the violence along Syria’s border with Turkey. “We join the Turkish government in calling for the Syrian regime to immediately cease fire,” [...]

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Ex-student kills seven, wounds three at California Christian college


Paul Singh, whose 19-year-old sister Devinder Kaur was shot in the arm during Monday’s rampage, told Reuters that according to his sister, the man was a former student who showed up to class for the first time in four months. “‘Get in line and I’m going to kill you all,’ is what he said this [...]

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Obama arrives in South Korea for nuclear summit


The North has a right to a nuclear deterrent and to conduct a “satellite launch for peaceful purposes,” the committee’s statement said, and will take “counter-measures” if the South stirs up international criticism of its actions. Against that tense backdrop, Obama is scheduled on Sunday to visit for the first time the demilitarized zone that [...]

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French attacks could inspire next generation of terrorists: Expert


“The sort of attack we’ve seen in Toulouse is not a model that is unique to France — it could be replicated in Germany, in Britain, or elsewhere — and that is a real concern, especially in the lead-up to the Olympics in London later this year. “The Olympics are of symbolic significance, because the [...]

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Mongolian singers perform the ‘Sadko’


The opera was highly rated by the audience. Also, the Mongolian opera singer R.Dorjkhorloo performed the opera ‘Cio Cio San’ or ‘Madame Butterfly’by G.Puccini with famous Japanese singer Yuriko Nonaga on July 2. The festival is ending today.

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